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    Friday Write on my #PersonalValues

    Valued Blog Post of the Week! I’m giving myself a writing challenge for the next three months. I will pick a personal value as part of a writing exercise as an experiment to see how the topic affects my daily stress level. All are welcome to join in my weekly writing prompt experiment. Friday write-in   Picking a personal value   “Pick one value and write about it for ten minutes. Describe why this value is important to you. Write how you express this value in your everyday life, including what you did today.”[1]             Acceptance – the quality or state of being accepted or…

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    What the Hell are Life Skills?

    Public Schools across the United States have left out some of the biggest subjects that should be taught before a student leaves high school. Life Skills. These skills aren’t just reading and writing and arithmetic, these skills are what every individual needs to survive in the real world regardless of whether or not they go on to college. Back when in the 1970’s, teachers taught classes called Home Economics. Students would learn how to sew, just the basics. There was no need to become a seamstress unless they had a calling for it, but it is a valuable skill to learn. Cooking was another course. How many students graduate not…