If we were having coffee, I would tell you… School is almost done!

photography of people graduating
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That’s right. I just entered my last Undergraduate class. I will have one month off during July, and then I will finish off my Bachelor Degree and at the same time, begin my Graduate classes. I expect to finish the Bachelor Degree this coming October 2019. Three years ago, I could barely imagine getting this far with my education. College was only a pipe dream up until 2016 when I began poking around on the Franklin Pierce University website. I thought it was only a dream.

A student advisor from Franklin Pierce immediately called me and began asking me questions, and I responded by telling her that I had been out of school since ’83. That was when she said to me that it didn’t matter all I needed to do was send her a copy of my high school transcript, which she then told me how to go about doing that.

Filling out the Financial Aid form was not that hard. I already was used to doing my own income taxes every year and found the form pretty self-explanatory.

I wasn’t all sure as to what I wanted to study in the beginning. I thought that social studies would help me with character building as a writer, so I took a handful of those courses which I added business studies to. Then a job opportunity happened for me at work. Once again, I changed my education course. Since then, I have been focusing on accounting and Financing.


What will I do next when school is over?


I will go back to writing. There are several works that I need to finish up writing the first drafts. I think I will shoot for the goal of finishing the first draft once a month and sitting on that draft while working on the next draft. When I have three drafts done, I would like to cycle back to that first of the drafts and go through the 2nd draft of that story and cycle through those for up to about 3 drafts each. When I finish the 3rd draft of the first work, I will need to begin working on a new first draft. It is all about trying to remain productive and keep the creative wheel turning.


Writers need to keep goals. If they don’t, they become complacent. I want to be a spontaneous writer.


Who knows, maybe I will finish the first draft during July while I wait for that next class to start.


What are your plans for the summer? Do you have writing goals? I would love to hear about them.


Tasty Homemade Dog Food for Keelaa

After watching the video for making Muttloaf, I decided to go ahead and give it a try. The recipe was pretty easy, and all the ingredients were simple.

The recipe I used is as follows:

  • 2 lbs of 80% ground beef  ( I went with more fat content because Keelaa does not get too much fat in her diet.
  • 2 medium to large carrots – shredded or ground
  • 3 medium potatoes – shredded or ground
  • 1 can of kidney beans ( color does not matter)
  • 4 fresh eggs

I mixed all the above ingredients in a large bowl as though I were making meatloaf.

Do not add any breadcrumbs.

I left out the garlic powder when I made these for Keelaa because I have since learned that garlic in any form is not an approved spice for dogs to eat.

I did, however, give a dash of salt and pepper along with a bit of cinnamon.

As I was mixing this, it looked tasty.

I shaped the Muttloaf into individual meatballs and made about 22 of them and baked them for about 55 minutes in a muffin tin and on a cookie sheet. The balls do hold their shape well.

Keelaa is about a 30 lb terrier cross, and she ate 1 1/2 meatball for dinner which filled her up so much that she didn’t have enough room left in her stomach for her cottage cheese.

Best of all – She loved the recipe!

Note: Mike, myself, and my son all gave this meatball try since it did not contain any dog food products. It was pretty tasty, a little on the bland side for my taste buds and may have needed a little more salt and pepper. I knew that if we liked the Muttloaf Meatballs, she would love them.

NaNoWriMo 2 Days and Counting

Gearing up for NaNoWriMo this week. I am not sure how much I will be able to accomplish, but I will give it a try once again. I keep reminding myself that I will have about 5 manuscripts to complete when school is done two years from now.

This year, I will be panstering NaNoWriMo. I also hope to be able to write a bunch of crap. I will turn my editor off and just write whatever comes to mind. My goal will be to throw every monkey wrench I can find to keep my characters from getting what they want.

I will be following the writing prompts on Twitter and will commit to writing for a minimum of one hour a night. Who knows maybe I will be able to start early and get an extra hour of writing in which will all depend on how soon I finish my homework for the night.

Two years from now, I expect to have so much time on my hands because classes will be over that I will spend every evening writing during the time that I had been initially doing homework.

My goal for two years from now is to be so prolific that I will finally be publishing one title after another and making up for the past four years.


Want to follow me on NaNoWriMo?


Time Pieces: A Short Story Collection – Free eBook

I have a Kindle  Deal for you!

Time Pieces: A Short Story Collection is free and can be found on Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and many other sites. My sample collection to you. A quick read allowing the reader to have a small taste of my writing.

Eventually, I will create another collection of short stories and other writings as a form of writing exercise to grow the writing muscle.

Just because I have not published any new works in the past few years does not mean that I have given up writing. I have been too busy to write due to my studies. I have just entered my final year of school and I am looking forward to graduation next year and the completion of my Masters by the following year. When the timeslot opens up I can imagine how much time I will most likely spend writing.


4/9/2019 – Edited by Linda Nelson

Wild Wonders on Grey’s Anatomy Season 15

I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV, but there are a couple of shows that I do try to keep up with and Grey’s Anatomy is one of those shows. Over the years television series have grown bolder and stranger, and when they add that bit of weird element to the storyline, I find myself remembering that this is a fiction created for entertainment, not a reality show or nonfiction.


If you don’t like spoilers – STOP READING NOW!


Season 15 Premiere – With a Wonder and a Wild Desire


The theme is wild, and at first, I wondered where this storyline was heading. We have some main characters that are almost killed by the car speeding out of control. The incident causes these characters to wonder at their life’s purpose. A hero syndrome sets in and they feel like they can do great things. But then there is the power of three. When the third time charm comes to pass, the superpowers wear off leaving the characters still contemplating the meaning of their existence.


For the Wild Desire, there are two new doctors introduced to Grey Sloan Memorial. I think I would nickname them the wonder twins. I wonder where they came from and I wonder what their purpose will be in the coming episodes. The athletic doctor named Luke looks like a has been California surfer whom Meredith crosses paths with at various points of the episode. She is older and wiser, but I question the age of Luke. Could he be older than he looks? I’m not certain.

The episodes had a few humorous moments even though serious matters were happening such as the surgery to remove a bowel blockage.

I enjoyed this episode even though it had its very fictitious moments where I would say, “It only happens on Grey’s Anatomy.


Next week is the Premier for Station 19. Last season ended on a cliffhanger. I’m waiting to learn who makes it out of the building alive.


If We were having Coffee – I would tell you my goings on

Goings On-

No, I did not work on any of my wips this week. I still did do some writing, with my weekly assignment for class. This term is Organizational Behavior and Fundamentals of Taxation. I never knew that doing taxes could be so interesting. I am already compiling a ton of deductions that I may be able to take in the coming year.

Since I was not working on any of my manuscripts, what have I been doing?

InDesign –

I have played around some more with the Adobe software, InDesign. The more I use it and poke around with it, the more I like it. I can see that once I have mastered that program as much as I have mastered Microsoft Office we are going to get along really well.

I am hoping to have my skills up to par by either February or March when I plan to tackle more of my backlist and get them transferred to Ingram Spark. With any luck, maybe I will have a new title to publish by then.

School – Is going well.

I am about to hit another milestone next month. I will be on the last leg of my bachelor degree. October will see me become a senior. Graduation for the Bachelor degree will take place in October 2019, but the official commencement will be May of 2020.

I will then continue to complete a Master’s of Science in Accounting.

Ten years ago, I never thought I would be learning to crunch numbers let alone go back to school. College was nothing more than a long-lost pipe dream that I had given up on, but things changed in 2016 causing me to see that it was possible to go back to school 30 years later.

It has all been hard work, but well worth the effort. I feel so much better about myself. I even have a better understanding of people because of it.

When I first started out with my education, I was pursuing an Integrated Study plan of Business and Social Services with the hopes of becoming an HR Manager someday. But several people pointed out to me that the job market for HR was too competitive, and my education could be a waste of my money. So I decided to change my education track to accounting which will come in handy as a writer. Who knows what might be waiting for me around the corner in the next five years? I certainly never suspected that I would be going to school five years ago.


Keelaa B Publishing

Keelaa B models for the position of company mascot.

I have created my publishing house. I am in the beginning stages and will continue to develop my marketing and business plan. The first step was to secure the company name, which I completed. Next, I will use my publishing house to publish my books, and as I gain more knowledge about using InDesign, I will be able to open my submission door to providing services to others to help them get their titles published with Ingram.

The decision to go ahead with my own publishing company is an inspiring time for me. With only two years left of school, I am looking to get this company up and running by 2021, and I can’t wait!