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    Blue Eyed Beauty

      Yes, she was one of those, a Blue Eyed Beauty. Her gaze could melt your heart. Man’s best friend loving to snuggle in that bed at night until she pushes you on the floor while she has the pillow all to herself.   Dogs are people too, the floor is hard, the bed is big and soft. How long will you struggle with wrestling the blankets away? Whatever you do, don’t get up to go to the bathroom or you will find yourself sleeping on the couch because she has moved to your spot to keep the bed warm. Baffled when you don’t return, she will find you, leaving the…

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    Keelaa on Guard

    Life will not stand still, not while Keelaa is in charge. She keeps a sentry post atop by the windowsill looking for those who dare to walk down her road or play out in their yard without inviting her. Insistently she barks for them to pay attention to her or else she will continue until they are no longer in sight.