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    Tasty Homemade Dog Food for Keelaa

    After watching the video for making Muttloaf, I decided to go ahead and give it a try. The recipe was pretty easy, and all the ingredients were simple.

    The recipe I used is as follows:

    • 2 lbs of 80% ground beef  ( I went with more fat content because Keelaa does not get too much fat in her diet.
    • 2 medium to large carrots – shredded or ground
    • 3 medium potatoes – shredded or ground
    • 1 can of kidney beans ( color does not matter)
    • 4 fresh eggs

    I mixed all the above ingredients in a large bowl as though I were making meatloaf.

    Do not add any breadcrumbs.

    I left out the garlic powder when I made these for Keelaa because I have since learned that garlic in any form is not an approved spice for dogs to eat.

    I did, however, give a dash of salt and pepper along with a bit of cinnamon.

    As I was mixing this, it looked tasty.

    I shaped the Muttloaf into individual meatballs and made about 22 of them and baked them for about 55 minutes in a muffin tin and on a cookie sheet. The balls do hold their shape well.

    Keelaa is about a 30 lb terrier cross, and she ate 1 1/2 meatball for dinner which filled her up so much that she didn’t have enough room left in her stomach for her cottage cheese.

    Best of all – She loved the recipe!

    Note: Mike, myself, and my son all gave this meatball try since it did not contain any dog food products. It was pretty tasty, a little on the bland side for my taste buds and may have needed a little more salt and pepper. I knew that if we liked the Muttloaf Meatballs, she would love them.

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