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    Possible Pending Pollution Problems Not the Expected Results

    Something to think about — One of my latest papers written for Public Administration         Linda J. Nelson Franklin Pierce University   Author Note This paper was prepared for Public Administration 348, CGPS Online, taught by Professor Patrick Tighe.   Abstract Pending policy H.R. 861 is to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency and give the regulations to the states. The federal EPA rules are set to remain in place but give up the central control of the agency allowing to reduce wasteful government spending and over-reaching authoritative powers.   Keywords:  Environmental Protective Agency, pollution regulations, pending bill, H.R. 861, EPA       Possible Pending Pollution Problems…

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    Blue Eyed Beauty

      Yes, she was one of those, a Blue Eyed Beauty. Her gaze could melt your heart. Man’s best friend loving to snuggle in that bed at night until she pushes you on the floor while she has the pillow all to herself.   Dogs are people too, the floor is hard, the bed is big and soft. How long will you struggle with wrestling the blankets away? Whatever you do, don’t get up to go to the bathroom or you will find yourself sleeping on the couch because she has moved to your spot to keep the bed warm. Baffled when you don’t return, she will find you, leaving the…

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    If I Could Dedicate a Moment in Time?

    If I could dedicate a holiday to a family member, I would dedicate the Fourth of July to both my Dad and my Brother. My Dad passed away sixteen years ago in January. He had been a veteran of the Korean War even though he had never been deployed. Dad loved Fourth of July. Almost every year we went to the local parade in Pepperell. My Brother, who I have not seen in a while, is a Navy Veteran. He too was patriotic. Cookouts and Fireworks are this weekend’s themes. My children are grown, and the puppies don’t quite enjoy the Fireworks. Seems the sound hurts their ears. I’ve yet…