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    Why I love Smashwords

    Back in 2010 I came across an eBook publishing house called Smashwords. It was kind of big at the time, but not like it is today. I remember trying to upload my very first book to the site and pulling my hair out because I kept getting vetting errors. I fussed and fretted about the meat grinder (that’s what they call their formatting tool for making all the different formats for the venues they submit to). Finally after about the twentieth try I did it. It was such a frustrating experience. I had two choices at that point. I could either give up hope of ever publishing my book on…

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    Independent Bookstores Alliance Themselves with Kobo

    I guess it is now official, the Indie Bookstores have allianced themselves with Kobo eBooks and it is about time they partnered up with an eBook Powerhouse. Maybe now they will be able to recover some of their sales by being able to offer their customers some of those great eBooks coming from Smashwords authors around the world. I am really excited about this news. In the past I went ahead and loaded my books onto the Google eBook site. Their site is a horror show. It is hard to maneuver and it is just plain quirky. And when they post the reviews for my books that are coming off of GoodReads, for some…

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    Friends of Choice is Now on Sale

    Friends can help us through tough times. But what about the friends we sometimes choose who don't always look out for our best interests. This is a fiction story about a 16 year old teen, Karla, she had some wonderful friends. Her best friends. They were the ones who were always there for her. When she has to move away from her best friends and she makes new friends, should they really be called friends? Karla is about to learn the real definition of friendship.

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    The Board Game of Death The Rest of Chapter ~ 2

    The Board Game of Death The Rest of Chapter ~ 2 “Who did you get this from anyways?” Jordan asked. “Mrs. Krendall, she said it was her son’s. He must have moved or something. I haven’t seen him in a while. In fact he has not been around since Carley died.” “Oh, Brian?” Jordan held the necklace closer to her face for further inspection. “Yeah…I haven’t seen him around either. Didn’t know he was into this sort of stuff.” She then set it down on the game board. “Isn’t he one of Lucas’s friends?” Shawna asked. “Yeah…I think he is.” Alexus shifted herself, crossing her legs in front of her,…

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    The Board Game of Death Chapter ~ 2 ~ continued

    Alexus had to walk around the garage to get to the barn. Tall grass grew in the field behind the house. Cows had not grazed here in years. Her grandparents were the last ones to keep cows. The barn was now only used for storage.Inside the barn, Shawna had set them up in the upper loft. The barn had three stories. The ground level held an antique car, a mustang to be exact and an old tractor. The second level was where things were kept that would not fit in their attic.There was a set of stairs leading up to the second level. After that there was nothing but an…