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    Why I love Smashwords

    Back in 2010 I came across an eBook publishing house called Smashwords. It was kind of big at the time, but not like it is today. I remember trying to upload my very first book to the site and pulling my hair out because I kept getting vetting errors. I fussed and fretted about the meat grinder (that’s what they call their formatting tool for making all the different formats for the venues they submit to). Finally after about the twentieth try I did it. It was such a frustrating experience. I had two choices at that point. I could either give up hope of ever publishing my book on…

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    Amazon Buys the Goodreads Experience

    Today an announcement flew about the internet. I first saw it on my Facebook Timeline since I follow Publishers Weekly. Then it was confirmed by the headline across my homepage on Goodreads. just bought Huh? How is this going to affect the reader/author experience? A lot of questions will surface over the coming months. Will the reviews suddenly automatically appear on the Amazon site? Will our Amazon book purchases be added automatically to our to read/reading lists? Will the book giveaways keep going for the author/reader experience? How are the big six publishing house going to feel about the stronger control Amazon is going to have over their reader…