OMG – #MarketBasket has their own Website

Have you been to the new Market Basket website?

I always wished this store had a website where I could view their weekly ads. The site I used to visit was created and maintained by customers. That site was slow and clunky but what do you expect when it was created on a shoestring budget.
Market Basket has their own site now and I highly recommend you check it out. It loads fast and the images are easy to read.

Look out Amazon – Market Basket just might gain some ground in the food industry.


No Tablets in Schools

Tablets do not belong in the classroom. What are the teachers thinking these days?

Tonight on the news they talked about how a school had decided to put eReaders in the classroom, and it turned in to a major problem. The elementary students learned how to hack the device and access the internet when they were supposed to be doing school work. I have a feeling that there is more to this problem story than the media let on. This sounds more like they put tablets in the hands of the students than mere eReaders.

I know for a fact that using an eReader to access the internet will not leave the user with a satisfying experience, or at least, not with my ordinary Keyboard Kindle. This is one function that is seriously lacking on the device. Mine might be one of the older models, but my mother’s is also the same way. There are some things you just don’t do with a Kindle. It was designed for reading books – period.

This sounds as if the school board did not do their homework before deciding to spend all this money on these devices for the students. If they had, they could have saved the public a lot of money.

I’m sure other eReaders are the same way when it comes to the internet function.

Now I wonder what they plan to do with all those tablets.

ROW80 Check-In:

The writing discipline has been working this week. I only have six more chapters to go over in Witch Book. Then I will be able to start thinking of the plot outline for the next fantasy book in the Orgarlan Saga.

I may be able to finish it up tonight or by tomorrow at the latest.

As I go I have been sort of thinking up plot twists for the next book. I have different things to consider as I think about my current characters.

1.    What does each of my characters want?

2.    Everyone has secrets. What are theirs?

3.    What are they afraid of?

Once I can answer each of these questions I can weave a pretty nifty plot using Cause and effect. This one does that so this one has to do this and so on. Just like what happens in life. Hmm… a title thought, not guaranteed to remain the same, but the thought is there. Darmin Karma – nah don’t like that.

When the book ends, Darmin is trying her hand at bewitching Lord Ky’ debaul.

Cause and Effect = Karma

Karma Effect?

It Sounds catchy to me. What do you think?

Looking for Beta Readers

Hi Readers, I am looking for Beta Readers. If you are willing to help me out with my next work in progress here is the link where you can click to sign up to help. I have ten slots open for arc paperback books after that it will be ebook formats only.

Great Grandma got a Kindle

This year I found the perfect Christmas gift for my mom.

You see, she had been having trouble reading for the past few years. She has tried using reading glasses. In fact she even has bifocals, but they really don’t help her when it comes to reading. She is in her mid-70s.

So I got her a Kindle.

No, not a Fire, not a Touch, and not a Keyboard. It is just the simple plain Jane version.

At first I was not sure she was going to like it. She has never really been much into electronics. But the more I heard her fuss over the fact that she couldn’t see the words on the pages of the books she was trying to read the more I got thinking. Why not get her an eReader? Then she will be able to make the font larger and make it easier on her eyes.

I was a little leery at first. There was the possibility that she wouldn’t even give the device a chance.

What could I do to entice her to give it a try?

Well, first off, I put some books on it. Since I didn’t know if she was going to use it or not I put some free Kindle Thrillers and Suspense books I found in the top 100 free list.

Then I added for a bit of measure Steven King’s, 11-22-63.

Boy was I surprised when she turned on the device and began to read.

Now that it is over 2 weeks after Christmas she is 74% done reading that Steven King book.

She loves her Kindle.

So if you are having a hard time figuring out what to get Grandma or Grandpa for their birthday, why not get them an eReader?

Just make sure it is the simplest to use device you can find and they will be in their glory with the door reopened to the world of books.

Linda and Linda #Book-signing in Stereo

Announcing… Linda Kepner and Linda Nelson will be visiting The Toadstool Bookshop in Peterborough, NH on October 6, 2012 to discuss and sign their newly released books.

That’s right, my friend and I will be doing a local book signing next weekend. We will be at the bookstore at 11am until – I’m not sure when – I think maybe noonish.

This is a pretty exciting time for me. I have never done a book signing before. My good friend Linda Kepner talked me into it. She said, “How about we do this together? What do you think about Linda’s in stereo.”

We laughed about it and I had to agree. She had a great idea.

I’m the shy type and I have never done public speaking before, so I am of nervous.

This is my friend Linda Kepner – she has a new historical romance out called Second Chance, which is published with Crimson Romance. It is set in the 60’s time period. I already read this book and it was great. The story is about a graduate student, Bishou Howard, who is to tutor a very controversial wealthy tobacco widower during a time period when women were not known to be college professors. The two characters take more than a liking to each other but is it just loneliness for him or is it real love. You will need to read the book to find out.

She also has a couple of fantasy books out as well. Look for

The book I will be promoting is my newest release, Witch Book. It is the second book in my Orgarlan Saga. This book is a stand-alone sequel so it will not really matter if you read book one or book two first. Book one was Aaron & Keja. Both books were published with CreateSpace.

I’m not sure which book is my favorite out of the two of them. I kind of really like them both. This is my dream world and I had fun creating it. In this series you will find the roles of the fantasy races switched. I made the Orcs civilized and the good guys while I made the Elves the bad guys. The humans in this world are the minorities and they are not treated very well by the other races.

Also in Aaron and Keja, the main character – Aaron can talk to animals. She is known in the world of Orgarlan as a beast master.

In Witch Book, we have three human cousins who are living with and learning magic from their Aunt Grecha. Monica just wants to learn magic and be very good at it. She is the aunt’s favorite pupil. Wenda was happy to learn the magic that she has learned from their aunt. She is leaning towards becoming a beast master just like Aaron. Then there is Darmin. She is a wicked, wicked girl who can’t understand why Aunt Grecha doesn’t like her. Her goal in life is to be as strong as if not better than Lord Ky’debaul and sets out to try to become his bride.

Darmin’s biggest problem with Ky’debaul – he hates humans with a passion.

So if you are in the area of Peterborough, NH come by and see us. We will be giving out little tokens representing our books as mementos.

Who knows maybe this will be the beginning of a New England book tour in the works. Only time will tell….