Will Narcan Further Enable Addicts?

An addict is going to use no matter what. They have no willpower when it comes to whether or not they use that needle, smoking the crushed substance, or snorting the substance. None of it matters to them. All they ever care about is getting that next fix. So for those of you out there…

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Knowing You’re Not Alone

Embed from Getty Images //embed.gettyimages.com/embed/595493233?et=XEz98B3DTuFXol5J0ekSIg&sig=sXSRGJ_QbeX-or3z5L398505WBPR84n1vwZaoOMnggs= Just when the chicks fly from the nest, there’s always that one that comes back home to roost. That one would be my son. He’s been living at home for the past three years. Maybe someday he’ll find a girl and make his own roost. That’s right, I thought I…

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Winter Loss

                  Image courtesy of The Commons Getty Collection Galleries World Map App via Bing.com creative commons   Winter is coming! Oh, wait, it’s already here. It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years has come and gone. I hope your holiday was filled with…

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