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This is how I felt after my first week back to work. The stamina is still lacking.

Keelaa takes a break from chasing the Frisbee.

Keelaa takes a break from chasing the Frisbee.



This is, Keelaa, we sometimes call her Keelaa Bean. She’s the little one who is constantly checking to see if I’ve finished writing. She makes this little noise that sounds like she is saying “Mum?”

She’s too cute, and a bother at the same time. Her favorite toy is the tug rope. Outside her favorites are the tennis ball and Frisbee.

Have you ever had one of those days where you played and played all day long. Then you stop as though you just hit a brick wall and couldn’t keep your eyes open? Keelaa had a day like that when she met our granddaughter for the first time. They played and then she played with the kitten only to overcome with exhaustion.

She was down for the count.

6 week old puppy

Keelaa sound asleep at 6 weeks of age.