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    Battling Over Old World Views – America’s Dysfunctional Society of Unrest

      Confederate monuments are statues of the past. A different life, a different time. Those statues are what keeps the southern society locked into their past with constant reminders of what came to be a horrific event. The Civil War which was fought on the grounds of slavery and the southern landowners didn’t want to give up their free farm labor. The industrial revolution took place and lessened the need for extra farm hands. Cotton was picked by machinery, tractors plowed the fields, and textile mills introduced manufacturing. Individuals could make more money providing for their self vs. employing someone to do all their work for them. Europe noticed this…

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    I’m a Feminist are you a Feminist?

      Go, feminists! Treat everyone like you would want yourself treated.   Feminist – The belief of equal rights for both men and women. The term that began in 1895 as an organized movement for women’s rights and interests. (Feminism) “I need feminism because all the heroines in my stories are feminists. They are not only strong individuals, but they will stand for what they believe in and not back down regardless of the odds.” – Linda Nelson   I guess you would say that I would call myself a feminist. I believe in equality for the most part and women are not as weak as some would like to…

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    My Sociological Adventure continues – Part II

    Chapter 2 . Ethnocentrism – judgment of others ways against our own. Cultural relativism – trying to understand a culture on its terms. Everyone has the tendency to judge other cultures against what he or she considers to be the norm. The way life engraves into our being from early childhood and when those things begin to change we naturally try to resist them, not many people like change. However, the change should be embraced. It is how we evolve not only as human beings but also as individuals. I once heard that there is no such thing as perfection. Perfection means to be at the end with no change…

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    Introduced to Sociology – an adventure in my education

    Part I So begins my next topic adventure into that of Sociology. After week one I have decided that the topic does interest me more so than any of the other topics I have studied during my education. I was a bit worried going into this class since I am using a Kindle version of the textbook to keep college costs down. In one sense, the book is easier to read because I can enlarge the text and change the font to my liking, but I am limited to reading the book on either my desktop or my kindle fire tablet. Rating of the Kindle edition is at the moment…

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