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Keelaa on Guard

keelaa looking out windowLife will not stand still, not while Keelaa is in charge. She keeps a sentry post atop by the windowsill looking for those who dare to walk down her road or play out in their yard without inviting her. Insistently she barks for them to pay attention to her or else she will continue until they are no longer in sight.

This window was once the perch of the cat named Sam and his late friend Gracie. Sam passed away two weeks ago leaving Keelaa in full charge of the window. Keelaa has never been happier. It is hard to tell who was the greatest torture, Keelaa or Sam. Sam

Two years ago, when Keelaa was just a small pup, she was smaller than either of the cats. She only wanted to play with them and be friends. But Sam wouldn’t have such a thing. Instead, he set out to make sure she knew who was the boss of the house and who set the rules. The two cats tag teamed Keelaa behind the coffee table, trapping her on the floor by the sofa. Sam in front of her and Gracie behind her.

Gracie then began to beat Keelaa’s fanny with her paws. Fortunately, she had no claws, but Sam did. He stood his ground and didn’t allow Keelaa to escape while the beating continued. Gracie

How Keelaa cried. Not in agony. Gracie didn’t have claws, but Keelaa didn’t make the connection. She coward until a human came to her rescue, shooing the cats away.

A few months later, Gracie accepted Keelaa into the family, but not Sam. He continued to let the pup know he was the one in charge. That is until Keelaa discovered she was much quicker than him. After that day, she became his tormentor in turn.

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GPS Trackers for Dogs

Tagg Pet GPS Plus – Dog and Cat Tracker Collar Attachment

What will they come up with next? I guess these have been out for a few years, I just never came across them until now. We could have used one of these on our older Pup, Julie, a few years ago. That was when she decided to take a stroll down the road without anyone’s escort. We became worried when we had trouble finding her.

After one last search, we found her at the end of the road, on the back side of the snow embankment. She is old and has trouble climbing. I guess she must have gotten on that side of the road where there hadn’t been any snow blocking her path. When she tried to return, she discovered she was trapped. I can imagine how scared she must have gotten.

[/media-credit] Julie

Julie had appeared to have given up. She lay on her side in the snow, looking dead. I shouted her name as soon as I saw her and didn’t get any response at first. Then when she realized it was us coming to her rescue, she began to move. She struggled in the snow, but couldn’t climb the snow bank. We had to push and pull her over it. She is a 100-pound dog, about the size of a golden retriever, just all black.

Had her fur been white, I bet we’d never have seen her.

I think, sometime in the future, I may be investing in one of these tracking devices for my dogs.

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Pet Foods are Becoming Dangerous to Feed to Our Loved Ones

I’m an animal lover. Our home is blessed with two dogs, one cat and a flock of laying hens. We, not just the pets, are firm believers in table scraps for pets.
I’m not one for eating leftovers. Except for the special occasion of either pizza or Chinese food. I can eat the Chinese food cold, but the pizza has to be warmed up a bit to soften the cheese.
We don’t feed our dogs, or our cat can food. Do you know what goes into this stuff? Maybe the cat food is a bit safer if it is of the fish variety, but should he snub his nose at it, he’s done so for a good reason.
The dog food has gotten scary. Too many recalls have happened over the past ten years. The recalls aren’t all for canned food either. When dry food is recalled, there’s a problem. Many pets died a few years ago when food companies in China were using a product in the food that was banned in the United States. How these products were able to make it on the shelf in the first place with the added ingredient is beyond my understanding. Many pets died because of this food.
When something like this happens to human/people food, you better believe, the recall is quick. And if health problems related to the recall happen, the food company reimburses the individual promptly and adequately. This doesn’t happen where pets are concerned. Feed this food to your pets at yours and their own risks.

Have you ever taken a good look at what the canned dog food looks like? The stuff is nasty. You can see chunks of stuff in it that isn’t recognizable. Was that a piece of an intestine? I’m not sure. I wouldn’t eat that. How could you feed it to your loved one, your pet? They are part of your family too, aren’t they?
Recently a woman posted a picture of kibble she served to her dog. It had what she thought were strings coming out of the dry food kibble. Upon closer inspection, she found this to be not string but wires. Since when do we need to wire our pets? I wonder why Fido recently died in his sleep? Had he been suffering from a severe case of indigestion?
When did the pet food industry decide they needed to kill off their best customers? How is that good for business? It just doesn’t make sense.

We feed our pets table scraps. Even when the vet says not to. If I eat it and it is good for me, then it has to be good for my pet. Except for those items that my pet is allergic to, like chocolate, avocados, grapes, and such. I tell my dogs they will break out in hives and get horrible bumps on their faces. They pout but accept the fact that these foods look delicious, but it’s just something we can’t share with them.
Our table scrap ratio is: older dog is 100 pounds there for she gets the equal portion to a five-year-old child. That’s not very much. Our other dog is no more than 25 pounds. She gets a portion equal to that of a one-year-old child. That’s even less, but enough to be equal to that of a meal.
We feed dry kibble on the side. – I know, yes. But I do look at it and make sure there are no foreign objects hiding within. This is their free for all food. They can eat as much as they like. Usually, they snack on it over the course of the day and wait for supper every night.
Hot days they’ve been getting to share a dish of vanilla ice cream. They love their ice cream. Other days their snack is popcorn. Don’t forget the seasoning, with olive oil and salt. They like it fixed the way you eat it.
We used to heat up our pets table scraps. Recently our little dog decided she would only eat cold food. That’s fine, it’s summer time anyway. She may change her mind when the cold weather comes rolling in, within the next few months.

Our pets are our family and we will always treat them as such. What we eat, they eat, because we love them so.

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My Snow dog enters her 14th year – #ROW80 Check – in

Our pup Julie is going on 14 years this coming year. The stairs are beginning to bother her along with the cold, but she keeps on going.

She loves the snow.

Isn’t it odd how black dogs love snow, and white dogs love mud? Have you ever noticed this?

When it snows, even though it is cold out, and the cold hurts her joints, Julie still insists having a delightful romp in a snow drift – but mind the ice – she does not enjoy doing four legged splits.

She will sorely be missed when her times comes. Julie is the best pup I have ever known. Such a trooper, especially with other animals, even our flock of laying hens and the two cats, whom she allows to rule the house. I couldn’t ask for a better dog.


I managed to write a couple thousand words this past weekend. I worked on the next book of my Orgarlan Saga and even that buried wip that I was thinking about ditching. It is turning out to be one of those stories that just won’t go away. No matter how many times I bury it or how deep of a hole I put it in, it just keeps resurfacing.

Yesterday I spent the day with my son, watching the first season of The Game of Thrones. I kept saying – they can do that? Maybe that crappy wip isn’t that terrible after all. – Yup – I did enjoy The Game of Thrones – to the extent that I will need to buy the set and read it on my kindle.

Saturday was supposed to be our NH RWA meeting. It didn’t happen. We woke to find our roads a sheet of ice. People were skating up the road – actually they were coming half way up our road and turning around, they couldn’t get their cars up the slight slope past our house.

The whole state had problems with icy roads and our meeting was cancelled.

Hopefully the weather cooperates for next weekend since Saturday is our Monadnock Writers Group.

How about you? How’s your wip going for you?

Watch any decent movies lately?

Do you have any pets that you are fond of?

I’d love to hear all about them.