Snuggled and Warm




Keelaa settles down for a long winter’s nap. 12/14/2017


Winter brings freezing temperatures and even Keelaa looks to find warmth and comfort.


Focus is the Key to Time Management


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Time Management

Everyone struggles with finding enough time to do the things that need to be done. I know I have had my share of scraping blocks out of my daily life to work full time, be a full-time student, interact with family members, add quality time for my pup, and find me time.

Time management is all about discipline and setting priorities. Some ask me, how do you do it?

My priorities are set by what is most important for me to do on the list.

  1. Work. I must go to work every day to earn that paycheck so I can afford to eat. This means that I have blocked out a minimum of 9 hours out of each day to accommodate this priority.
  2. School work is the next item. I schedule a minimum of 4 hours a day dedicated to reading assignments and homework. This is where the discipline comes into play. If I slack, the grades may slack.
  3. Family time is spent while having dinner at the dinner table. I try to use this opportunity as a quality time to catch up with my loved ones.
  4. Keelaa demands her time too. She will come in little bursts of tail wagging glee to see me and look for that treat or scratch on the back.
  5. Exercise takes place mostly at work while dashing about to keep the machines running. Calling my work exercise also makes it more enjoyable and productive.
  6. Reading personal choice books are only allotted a short time frame of maybe an hour or two each night.
  7. Free time for writing is next on the priority list. I have accepted that I might not get another book out in the next few years, but there will come that day when school will be done, and writing will reclaim that time slot that is allocated for school work.
  8. Last on the list is free time in general. I could place my video gaming in this slot, or any other of my many hobbies like crocheting or knitting.
  9. I do have a cutoff point where time runs out. When the batteries drain sleep is a must to stay healthy, happy and wise.


How do you manage your time?

I Ask Myself A Thousand Times Why I Write

I will continue to ask myself over and over why I write and the list continues to grow.


  • Communication: Writing is a form of communicating with those not met or seen every day. A friend, a sibling, former co-worker, even someone never met may find a shared experience to be inspirational, helpful or educational.
  • Sharing: Experiences are wonderful to share. By sharing the experience the how, why and what will offer insight to what to possibilities for others.
  • Caring: Everyone needs something. Caring is part of sharing insights of experiences of how to do something, why to do it, and what the reason was for the experience.
  • Business: Writers write, plain and simple. Writing becomes more than a hobby as the experience continues to grow, which leads to greater sharing opportunities that are all part of business as usual.
  • Just because I can: The more experience a writer obtains, the more they need to write. Just because, writing is a form of communication just like talking to someone in person. The letter, diary, story, note, message, chat, or phone calls all are forms of communication to not only other people but also to the self.
  • Something I like to do: Writing is fun and allows detachment from the current world. Life can be shaped to reflect dreams, illusions, or reality.
  • Imagination: A form of dreaming, day dreaming, scurrying the unknown to experience what if possibility. Nightmares can be horrifying, but the disturbing nightmare can be overcome by the power found in imagination. A weapon can magically appear to kill the monster; one only needs to imagine – or think it.
  • Creativity: To think something into existence. What is real? Think and see something appear as one wish. What comes first? Imagination or reality.
  • Development: Can be personal or creative. Change takes place without one knowing, realizing a plan is in action until all is done and over with the final result or outcome.
  • Pondering: Thinking, imagining, wonder, inspiration, and creating a new idea or thought.
  • Growth: Personal, knowledge, financial, character, and wisdom are all desirous for any individual.
  • Aspiration: What one wants, wishes, and desires in their life. The one and only, the bucket list that never empties.
  • Escape: Freedom from the events of the day. An excellent way to release stress and learn to enjoy life once again.
  • Experience: What has been learned from doing something, being somewhere, being with whom, and knowing a common knowledge?
  • Learning: All that is needed to know how to do something, to be someone, to get somewhere in life.
  • Self-discovery: Self-knowledge, knowing who you are, become all that one needs to be, and understanding the self.
  • Self-expression: Communicating who we are and what we want and why we want what we want. Just being a being is all one needs to be.
  • Experiencing life: Life happens regardless whether we want to be on the boat of life. Open up and know what is happening to experience the storms so one can ride the waves of life without capsizing the boat.

A Face in the Darkness

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Legs blocked the walkway of the bottom bleacher. The vacant dark corner across the gymnasium beckoned Allie to come hither and hide in the shadows it provided. No one knew her; she had remained as faceless now as she had on the first day at this school. Coming to this dance was a mistake. Who was she kidding that she would be able to fit in at this school?

No matter what alias she used something always happened to make life miserable for her no matter where they moved. Why couldn’t she be like the rest of them?

What would it be like to be just a human?

The empty corner was not empty after all. Golden yellow eyes of one of the boys from her science class met hers. Had he been waiting for her here all along?

His name – Luke, Larry, Lonny, she faked knowing him as awkward as being near him seemed to be, “Hiya, great dance.”

“Hi to you, it’s just a school dance like any other. You’re Allie, right?” He allowed her a bit of the corner with the shadow blocking the view of the dance floor. “Are you here alone?”

Allie looked beside her to see if anyone was standing next to her. Nope, no one there. “that is a pretty good guess.”

He shifted his weight off the wall. “I don’t normally like to dance, but I like this song. Would you like to dance?” His hand extended in the offer.

Refuse? Any other time Allie would refuse, but his smile enticed her. “This is awful for me to admit, I never caught your name.” Her fingers touched his in reluctant acceptance. “Is it Luke?”

His smile grew. “Yes, I’m Luke.”

The moment he put his hand on her waist and held her hand she knew more about him besides his name. He was just like her. The first one she had ever met. No longer did she feel so alone in a world of humans. Allie didn’t have to be faceless forever. Maybe now she would be able to leave her Aliases in the past.

Copyright © 2017 by Linda Nelson

Memories Creation While No One Wants To Do

When I wrote my first blog post for MySpace, it probably was similar to a child drawing with crayons. The words didn’t stay in the lines so to speak, like a very sloppy coloring job. I did nothing about it because I didn’t know any better. I’d been out of school for years, I guess I had forgotten more than I’d thought.

The first post came about because I was bored with doing nothing. Though, crocheting and knitting really can’t be considered nothing. You are still making something, but I got tired of that. I wanted to create something else. A story.

They say you tend to write about what you know. I do believe I sort of did that with Friends of Choice. The character, Karla, reminded me of my daughter who was giving me teenage troubles at the time. Not the same kind of troubles, but troubles none the less. It was the year she had decided to drop out of school and take life into her own hands.

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Why is it that kids, when they reach that stage, believe they know everything there is to know?

She knew nothing – nothing at all.

Now she can say she knows things. She’s done well for herself. It was a rough start, definitely a struggle. It always is when you’re a single mom living on a limited income. I have to say, I’m actually impressed with where she is at to this day.

ROW80 Check-in:

I’ve got my new blog site set up, as you can see. I really like it. Though, I’m still not sure I like the theme.

I think it must be time to make our goals once again. Last round, I was missing in action. Blogging and writing blues along with ongoing health issues. I feel much better now, and I’m ready to get down and dirty.

Pulls up sleeves… I haven’t worked much on that wip or any of them for that matter. It is high time that I did. For the past day, I’ve been working on blog posts and scheduling them. This is such a neat feature. But even WordPress takes practice before you learn what you can do with the thing.

Almost every time I sit down to write someone pops their head in and ask, “wha cha doing?”

I feel like saying, “You know what I’m doing, so why are you asking. Stop pestering me.”

Today I turned the tables. I went around and asked, “Wha cha doing?”

The answers I got were…

“Playing…,” as my other half worked on his sketch up program.

The puppy having come back from our little walk responded by lying on her side – panting. I guess she was resting.

I then asked my son. His response was, “Probably nothing.”

I know that won’t be what he’ll be doing. He is the last person in the world I would expect to sit around and stew for extended periods of time. I’m sure, soon, he’ll be out that door. On his way to a friend’s house to play video games.