The Book of Eva by Paxton Summers is ready for Pre-Order on Kindle

Paxton Summers has a new release available for pre-order at Amazon.

The Book of Eva


When a world leader’s daughter meets a clone, a doomed love affair begins.

In the year 2087, a great war erupts on the planet and a struggle to survive begins. One-hundred-fifty years later, the continent of America is divided into two factions, Aeropia and The United Regions. There is a shortage of food and an abundance of illness, leaving most to live on the scraps of the wealthy, who wallow in excess.

This is the world Olivia Braun inherits. Sick from birth, she wakes up from surgery with a new heart, only to discover she is the youngest president of Aeropia, an empire that has created and used clones to maintain its position of supremacy since the war. However, Olivia’s rise to power is no accident. Before her transplant, she conspired with a clone to free those enslaved, but the outcome is not what she expected.

Now, enemies hide among the population, and even friends can no longer be trusted. Olivia must make a choice that will decide the fate of an empire. Before her tale of corruption, forbidden love and war ends, the mighty will be brought to their knees.

By a clone.

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Bio:  Paxton Summers loves to incorporate crazy plot twists, comedy and the unexpected into her worlds. As a U.S. Army veteran, she naturally adores men in uniform and feels the world could always use more. She does her part by incorporating as many sexy soldiers in her novels as she can. When she isn’t writing or running the roads, you can often find her online chatting with her peers and readers. Grab a cup of iced coffee, pull up your virtual chair and say hi. She loves emails and blog visits from her readers.



It’s coming to KDP Soon! #ROW80

I must say that writing Along Came Neil has been one of the most difficult works I have written as of yet. I never thought in my whole life that I would actually sit down and write a romance, and a Contemporary Romance at that. I just never imagined it.

Well, I am happy to say it is done and over with.

The first draft and edits are done, and I must say I have surprised myself with this work. I didn’t think I could do it.

Next up I will take a little bit of a break and revisit my all ready published works and clean them up a bit and then resend them out into the world.

I have all ready done this with Friends of Choice. It has gotten its long overdue edit, and it is so much better.

What will I work on next?

I can’t honestly say. I need to finish up revising my other all ready published works then I just might start work on the next installment of my fantasy series, Orgarlan Saga. I’ve been getting so many request for the next book in the series, so I think that will be the best choice.

It feels so good to accomplish something you think you can’t do.

So remember, if you put your mind to it, you can do it too.

Recap of How to write Soapy Romance

Yesterday was my NHRWA meeting. We had another great meeting.

This month we had our annual Christmas Party and Book Swap. The book I received is, The Trouble with Valentine’s Day by Rachel Gibson. I will be looking forward to reading this book next even though it is not on my Kindle but in paperback instead.

We also had a speaker. She was none other than one of our own who travels all the way to Bow, NH from Massachusetts, Christyne Butler . She spoke at the RWA Nationals just last year. I didn’t get to go to it. I hear they had a great time.

Her Presentation was The Soapy Way to Writing Category.

Christyne was introduced to Day-Time Soaps at an early age by her mother. This later grew into a desire to write fan fiction for one of her favorite Day-Time Soaps. She eventually developed a following among those who followed fan fiction and at her husband’s suggestion she decided to try writing stories she could sell.

So she used what she learned from the Soaps and infused this into her Romance Writing.

She studied how the characters were cast in the shows, the Archetypes, The Hero – The girl/boy next door, The Millionaire Tycoon, The Professionals – like doctors and lawyers, The Family Matriarchs, and so on…

She had a good point. Those shows are infused with so much character building it can be overwhelming. But that is what makes you keep coming back to watch those shows.

I am a Grey’s Anatomy Fan – Hence this is a Romance with a Professional theme and it is Soapy.

She also talked about Romance Plot devices. You can find a great list here à
Romance Plot Devices

To cap off her presentation she explained how Romance writing was all about the Characters and their Dialogue’s.

I’m going to hold on to all this info and try to put it into use when I begin writing the next book in my series Wings from Ashes.

ROW80 Check In:

Nope… There has been no writing going on this week. I have been rewarding myself for a job well done that I definitely deserve for finishing and releasing on Kindle. Road Salt is done. This is the first book I have ever had to research so much info for writing a fictional book. The last time I had to research so much was back when I was in high school and had to write a term paper for biology.

It was kind of fun even though it was troublesome in the beginning. There isn’t much known about Bath Salts so I had a lot of scrounging around before I finally realized I had a great source at my finger tips on my Facebook Profile. He happened to be an EMT who dealt with individuals being treated for Bath Salts on a frequent but scary basis. He was all for Road Salt and was more than happy to divulge some really great info on the subject of Bath Salts.

So I thank you Scott for all your help in getting this project done.

Next up:

Begin working on the next book in my fantasy series, Orgarlan Saga.

Maybe the animals will make another appearance in this next book as they try to retrieve the Dragon Claw from Lord Ky’debaul.

Attended My First #RWA Meeting

Today I attended my very first NHRWA (New Hampshire Romance Writers Association) meeting, as a guest. It is held at the Library in Bow, New Hampshire. It was an – experience.

In fact, I kind of enjoyed their meeting much more than the little one I attend in the Monadnock area, which will begin meeting once again starting next weekend.

I learned that I must join the National RWA before I can join the state chapter. The National membership fee is $90, so I will have to wait a little bit longer before I will be able to join. I see that it is a good investment; I just don’t have the funds at this time to join. Maybe things will turn around next month and I will be able to fit it into my budget.

But the gals who I met today were down to earth and very enjoyable to be around. So, my membership will be delayed for a bit, but it will eventually come along in the near future.

We had a guest speaker today, just like the Monadnock Writers’ Group hosts. Her name was Laura Spinella and is the author of Beautiful Disasters, published by Penguin Books. She gave us some good points on composing Romance/Women’s fiction.










I plan on incorporating this in the next Orgarlan Saga book with Darmin and Lord Ky’debaul. I love the idea because it gives the story added plot and subplots.

She said that when writing romance one should include certain aspects in the story.

They are:

  • Society Defined
  • The Meeting
  • The Barrier
  • The Attraction
  • The Declaration
  • Point of Ritual of Death
  • The recognition
  • Betrothal


Then she spoke about women’s fiction and what that is made up of. In general it is fiction about women.

There are several different categories:

  • Friendships
  • Women & Children
  • Women & Husbands
  • Women & Divorce
  • Widows
  • Women & Careers
  • Women against Society
  • Women & Messages

All of these things I have listed will make me think a little bit more about my plotting as I write. I am sure I can incorporate some of this in maybe even Road Salt.

All in all it was a great informative meeting. If you haven’t gone to a RWA meeting in your area yet and your thinking about writing romances you should really check them out, because I had a great time at the one I visited today.