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    Why Do I Write

    // View image | I write because… There are stories to tell Places to go Things to do People to meet Experiences to be had Events to share A voice to be heard Feelings to be felt Worlds to be built Fears to overcome Battles to be fought Spirits to be found Lives to create Romance to be found  

  • Holidays

    If I Could Dedicate a Moment in Time?

    If I could dedicate a holiday to a family member, I would dedicate the Fourth of July to both my Dad and my Brother. My Dad passed away sixteen years ago in January. He had been a veteran of the Korean War even though he had never been deployed. Dad loved Fourth of July. Almost every year we went to the local parade in Pepperell. My Brother, who I have not seen in a while, is a Navy Veteran. He too was patriotic. Cookouts and Fireworks are this weekend’s themes. My children are grown, and the puppies don’t quite enjoy the Fireworks. Seems the sound hurts their ears. I’ve yet…