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    Looking for Beta Readers

    Hi Readers, I am looking for Beta Readers. If you are willing to help me out with my next work in progress here is the link where you can click to sign up to help. I have ten slots open for arc paperback books after that it will be ebook formats only. Related articles Tell it like it is: a beta reader wish list (

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    The Official Release Day of Road Salt

    Today marks the official release day of Road Salt and once again I am giving away the free eBook edition of Road Salt on Smashwords. I’m not doing this just in hopes of attracting reviews for the book. What I really want is to help create awareness of this dangerous substance that is still being sold on our streets, not just in the United States but all around the world. It was the main reason why I wrote this book to begin with. Over the past year I have met many people that have never heard of the substance let alone know how dangerous it is, this goes for service…

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    Wings from Ashes – Character Building #2

    Currently I am taking part in an online YA writing workshop. Tonight’s topic is Master Manipulators   Discussion: Any good-looking lovers from your past who have used their charismatic ways to pressure you into doing something against your will? Describe the childhood and manipulative behavior of a character who won’t take “No” for an answer.   Truth be told, I have trouble with this character type. I certainly don’t like them and I have trouble casting a character like this but I know that I have, but not in Friends of Choice or Road Salt, or at least not yet. This would be Darmin in Witch Book. She even goes…

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    The Board Game of Death The Rest of Chapter ~ 2

    The Board Game of Death The Rest of Chapter ~ 2 “Who did you get this from anyways?” Jordan asked. “Mrs. Krendall, she said it was her son’s. He must have moved or something. I haven’t seen him in a while. In fact he has not been around since Carley died.” “Oh, Brian?” Jordan held the necklace closer to her face for further inspection. “Yeah…I haven’t seen him around either. Didn’t know he was into this sort of stuff.” She then set it down on the game board. “Isn’t he one of Lucas’s friends?” Shawna asked. “Yeah…I think he is.” Alexus shifted herself, crossing her legs in front of her,…