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    Looking for Beta Readers

    Hi Readers, I am looking for Beta Readers. If you are willing to help me out with my next work in progress here is the link where you can click to sign up to help. I have ten slots open for arc paperback books after that it will be ebook formats only. Related articles Tell it like it is: a beta reader wish list ( Advertisements

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    Teens & Money

    Recently my son (who is no longer a teen) came to realize how he started to get into trouble when he was in high school. This became apparent after he faced one test after another just recently. We are not talking the academic tests. No these tests are the life given tests that everyone goes through. It is all part of growing up and learning to become a responsible adult. His dilemma was – he has had two different vehicles in the past six months and he has had serious maintenance issues with both of these vehicles. He was beginning to believe that he had a dark cloud hanging over…

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    The Board Game of Death The Rest of Chapter ~ 2

    The Board Game of Death The Rest of Chapter ~ 2 “Who did you get this from anyways?” Jordan asked. “Mrs. Krendall, she said it was her son’s. He must have moved or something. I haven’t seen him in a while. In fact he has not been around since Carley died.” “Oh, Brian?” Jordan held the necklace closer to her face for further inspection. “Yeah…I haven’t seen him around either. Didn’t know he was into this sort of stuff.” She then set it down on the game board. “Isn’t he one of Lucas’s friends?” Shawna asked. “Yeah…I think he is.” Alexus shifted herself, crossing her legs in front of her,…

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    The Board Game of Death Chapter ~ 2 ~ continued

    Alexus had to walk around the garage to get to the barn. Tall grass grew in the field behind the house. Cows had not grazed here in years. Her grandparents were the last ones to keep cows. The barn was now only used for storage.Inside the barn, Shawna had set them up in the upper loft. The barn had three stories. The ground level held an antique car, a mustang to be exact and an old tractor. The second level was where things were kept that would not fit in their attic.There was a set of stairs leading up to the second level. After that there was nothing but an…

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    Excerpt from: The Board Game of Death… My Current Work

    Chapter ~ 1 Alexus and Shawna pawed through the belongings on the table. Yard Sales were always good for finding unique things.Alexus picked up an old coffee mug with the picture of a dog on it. She grinned and set it back on the table. Mean while, Shawna found some old costume jewelry. She held it up for Alexus to see. They grinned at each other. Shawna put it back on the table.They moved to the next table. It was full of toys, stuffed animals and games. Board games to be exact. At first they seemed to be the ordinary board games that everyone has in their homes. But then…