Monadnock Writers’ Group Meeting Minute and #ROW80 Check-in

It is the third Saturday of the month and time once again to let you all know how my monthly Monadnock Writers’ Group happened to be. Our speaker for today was Hilary Weisman Graham. I met her a few months ago when she spoke at our NHRWA meeting in Bow, NH. That time she had told us all about the marketing things one should not do. This time she spoke about her other form of writing that she feels she loves even more than writing fiction. She is a screenwriter at heart.

Hilary wrote a YA Contemporary a year ago called Reunited. I still have yet to read it. Winter is coming. There should be plenty of time to read then.

Her explanation of what she had to go through to pitch a screenplay for TV Shows, explained how difficult that kind of writing tends to be. It is a never ending battle to come up with the right story line, the right characters, and what they are looking for in a screenplay during that actual moment. Many screenplays are tossed in the file after file to become lost in time.

She was asked about the difference between managers and agents. Hilary said that the managers are more personal, and she can cry on her manager’s shoulder about things easier than crying on an agents shoulder. The relationship tends to be closer.

All in all, I found her screenplay presentation much more enjoyable and funny. Thanks Hilary. Hope to see you again soon and good luck on your screenplays.

Other News:

Along Came Neil is up on Smashwords – finally.

I don’t believe I will bother taking part ever again in the Kindle Select program, especially now that Smashwords has come out with the prerelease feature. I really do like Smashwords so much more than any other venue. The meat grinder was my nemesis in the past, but I do believe I may have conquered that. Now I just need to wait for them to approve the file for their catalogue. In the meantime I have a little treat for my readers. I have a coupon code to share with all of you and if you want you are free to share this code with your friends and your friends’ friends, and their connections too. So please pass it around. I am hoping to get some ratings and reviews if possible in exchange for this code.

For your Free eBook in your choice of format. Promotional price: $0.00
Coupon Code: MH37M – Not Case Sensitive
Expires: November 19, 2013

ROW80 Check-In:

I missed my check in for Wednesday. So much for my goal of not missing a post, but I won’t give up on that goal just yet. I plan on trying again and again until I finally meet that goal without having to force myself to make the posts.

What I do have to report: I started working on the next Orgarlan Book. The first 1k words are done. I will give it a shot again tomorrow and see what kind of word count I can get before noon time. I know that 3k would be too much to ask for, but then again, that can be about the same length of a chapter, so one never knows.

How’s your writing going this week? I would love to hear from you. Do you attend writing groups? Who have your speakers been?

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3 thoughts on “Monadnock Writers’ Group Meeting Minute and #ROW80 Check-in

  1. I’d be interested to hear your decision process regarding Kindle Select and Smashwords. Also, did you start the writers’ group you mentioned? I’ve thought about starting a teen writers’ group where I live.

    At any rate, don’t give up on the status updates. I think it takes a long time for them to be automatic and not feel “forced,” but like you, there’s no other way to make it happen at first. Have a great week!


    1. I have used Kindle Select twice. Once back in January with my book Road Salt and then again in July for Along Came Neil. I did not see any added benefit from using it. There are no borrowed books to report. I have only heard of a handful of writers who have been fortunate enough to have their books borrowed while in this program.
      Most of my sales are through Barnes & Noble anyways, for some reason.
      I like Smashwords. I’ve been using this site since 2010. I also do publish separately with the Kindle Direct. Mostly since Amazon does not want to play nicey-nice with Smashwords. Amazon will only take books from Smashwords if the book is a best seller and has sold X amount of eBooks.

      I have to agree with you on the forced posts. It is not that I hate blogging, I actually like blogging. But forcing my post does irk me. But your right. I need to force it until it comes natural.
      I did not start the writers’ group that I belong to. It is the longest running writers’ group in NH. I joined it three years ago. The Monadnock Writers’ Group is for the general population. It covers poets, journalists, artists, musicians, screen writers, novelists and children’s writers.
      I also belong to RWA (Romance Writers of America), thanks to my good friend, Linda T. Kepner, who also belongs to the Monadnock Writers’ Group. We travel to the local NH RWA Chapter meetings together in Bow, NH. The speakers we have had have left us with a lot of great stuff. You can check back through my post to see some of the neat information.


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