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    Birth Control Pills Could Be Sold Without a Prescription: A Possibility?

    There is talk going around that there may come a time when contraceptive birth control pills will be purchased over the counter without a prescription. What would this mean to teenage girls? A teenager is more likely to become pregnant than a forty-year-old woman. The life of a teenager is not as innocent as many would like to think. This is a time for exploring their feelings and their bodies. A parent can’t prevent everything. If you found out your daughter was having a sexual relation with her boyfriend, what could you do to stop it? Punish her? Is that really the correct answer? Okay, she’s been punished, but she…

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    Recalling Past times – Family Holiday Dinners

    If I were to think back in time to a crucial memory, I would have to reflect on the annual family dinners during the holidays. My mother’s side of the family was not only large, but it was also a close-knit family that was held together with tape and glue by my late Aunt Barbra. She was the oldest and second in charge to my Grandmother, out of a family of ten children consisting of six boys and four girls. Grandma was a wise soul who managed to raise her children mostly on her own. Grandpa died when my mother was eight years old from the effects of mustard gas…

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    Joni B. Cole visits The Monadnock Writers’ Group

    Here we are in the month of September and fall is quickly closing in on us. Why is it that summer always seems to go by so quickly and winter, even though it averages the same length of time, drags on and on and on? With it being September it also means it is time for my local writing group to begin its monthly meetings. I belong to the Monadnock Writers’ Group. We meet the third Saturday of every month in the lower portion of the Peterborough Library. Our group meets from September to June, and then we take a break for the summer months. All but two of these…