Do Da Writing Sprint #amwriting #ROW80

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Puppy Power!

I remember Scrappy Do from Scooby Do. Scrappy was fearless and full of energy. That’s the way our pup Keelaa appears to be. She runs around like a miniature greyhound, doing figure eights around the older dog Julie.

Meanwhile, Julie barks encouragement, sound as though she is saying faster, faster, faster…

I’m not sure what she is in training for. Maybe counter-attacking the family cats who keep trying to terrorize her by pouncing on her from dark corners. I never realized, cats can be so mean when they want to be.

Me, I haven’t actually run sprints since High School. I’m not sure if I could either. The body doesn’t function the way it once did. I have toyed with the idea of taking up running, and think of it long enough to say, “I don’t know. Can I go that quarter mile?”

Then I’d have to take not just one dog, but both dogs, and the older dog would get to the quarter mile and require either a long rest or a car ride back home. I’m not carrying a 100 pound dog back home.



Sprints can be applied in different areas, like writing, which is what I did all week, except for Friday night and Saturday night.

My secret work in progress is coming along nicely. I have the first draft at 75% done.

It feels good to be able to write once again, after months and months of writers’ block.

I think I needed a different creative outlet to help me think and plot. So, I thought about else I’d been doing when I wrote Aaron & Keja and Witch Book. I’d been crocheting, or knitting, or one of the many craft projects I like working on.

My son has a requested that I make him an afghan. I was supposed to make this for him last winter, but never finished it in time. Since it is getting cold again, I’ve picked the project backup, and now I’m doing the finishing touches, as in the border.

Since I picked the project backup, I’ve seen an increase in my word count, of nearly 5k words for the week.

My hopes for the week are to at least match the word count for the entire week, and be done with the first draft by the end of the month.

How is your writing going?

Are you struggling? Have you considered changing just one thing you’ve been doing when you’re not writing?

I think being able to channel creativity in another form can help open up the channels that fuel our writing muse.

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7 thoughts on “Do Da Writing Sprint #amwriting #ROW80

  1. Linda, I so agree that we need some other creative outlet to help the writing sometimes. I love to journal and draw. Sometimes, i just color like when I was 5, so fun! Keep it up, and great job!


    1. Rebecca, my drawing skills are stick figures (lol). I wish I could draw, my kids drew better than I ever did. We used to color together when they were young. Keep drawing and journaling and think of me and my sticks often.


  2. It sounds like you’ve broken free! Hooray!

    I often find I am most prolific as a writer when I indulge multiple creative outlets. I need lots of projects to dive into.

    This weekend, I did some hometending, organizing, and yardtending. I’m also writing, revising, planning, and blogging.


    1. Shanjeniah, our garden went kaput early. Between too much heat and too much rain, the wilt killed our plants. All we have left is carrots and peppers and a decent batch of grapes. I thinking of grape jelly being made this weekend.

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  3. I get what you are saying about the dogs and running. I have 3 dogs. One is 14 and has back issues, which cause her to have weak back legs. She can walk, but only so much and rather slow. So I take her on .6 mile walks (that’s around the block) that are so leisurely I feel like I’m shuffling. That tires her out for the day and makes her so happy.

    Our husky (she’s 10), however, isn’t too happy that the walks end at all and I go too slow for her . She’d probably enjoy me taking up running.

    Congrats on finding a way to be more productive. It sounds like a fun way too. I have left my crafts to rot, I’m ashamed to say.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. I think the new puppy will go on a walking field trip this weekend if the weather holds out. The older dog may be allowed to come along with us. It will all depend on how sore she appears to be that day. We have her on glucosamine tablets twice a day and they seem to help somewhat.


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