No Rain for our Home Turf – #ROW80 Check In


That’s what we found when we woke up this morning – more snow. Just when I thought maybe, just maybe our winter was going to turn out to be a bit milder than in the past years the snow came back. Now we are looking toward the cold returning too.

I don’t know why all of a sudden the weather forecasters have to keep calling the cold as the Polar Vortex. Have they been watching the sci-fi channel too much? Just call it what it is – cold weather. Why not, isn’t it winter?

One thing about living in New England, if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute, and it will change. New Englanders learn at an early age to dress in layers due to this fact.

I know I shouldn’t complain. At least we didn’t get the cold that they saw in North Dakota. That would have been downright miserable.

It’s just that, I’m waiting impatiently for February, maple syrup season. After that comes spring with the blossoms on the Apple trees and the planting of the garden. We will also be welcoming a new flock of chicks.

There were a few casualties to our laying flock this past fall. Chickens tend to have a short life span especially when they are expected to be layers. Surprisingly we still have one original hen. She must be going on six years.

Now I will be thinking about Spring for the next four months.

– I should have made a Snow man today –

This was last year’s Snowman. He did come out kind of cute.

ROW80 Check In:

It has been a slow week. I don’t think I worked on the wip since Wednesday. My focus is off, and I don’t want to force the story. It will come in due time as one of those ah ha moments.

Have you ever had an ah ha moment?

I think they are pretty cool, especially when you realize what they are when they happen.

I had one of those when I was writing Along Came Neil. I still can’t believe I wrote that book.

How’s your writing week going?

Are you staying warm this winter?

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4 thoughts on “No Rain for our Home Turf – #ROW80 Check In

  1. PA isn’t quite New England, but we’re used to layering for the same reasons. Especially if we’re going from here up to the city of Erie. Only about 25 miles apart and it can be snowing like crazy here and nothing there. Or nothing here and snowing and colder there.

    I’ve been struggling a bit with focus with the story I’m working on too, but I’ve still been chugging along with it.


  2. I’m jealous that you have chickens. We’re waiting for my daughter to finish elementary school, so we can move to the township and be out of “city limits.” A lot of that has to do with getting chickens and having more freedom to do what we want with our land. Love our town and school district, but don’t love living with no chickens.

    I like ah ha moments too, but I tend to have them during edits.

    I wish you luck with your writing and goals this round.


    1. We have had laying hens for 6 years. They have been fun. We kept the flock small making them easy to manage. Just watch your garden in the summer, should you decide to let them free range for a few hours as your new bug patrol team. They can take out a head of cabbage in under two minutes.


  3. I moved south to escape Chicago winters, and my blood has thinned to the point where it’ll be 30 degrees outside and I won’t want to go out into the “bitter cold.” The “polar vortex” hit us, too, and we didn’t go out until it left. (Calling it a polar “vortex” is a little dramatic, isn’t it? It’s like the Weather Channel naming winter weather events with names. They named the PV “Hercules,” and every time I heard the name, all I could think of was Eddie Murphy in the “Nutty Professor” movies.)

    I’ll check out “Along Came Neil” and see if I can figure out where the “Aha!” moment is…


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