The Meh #ROW80 Check-in

Meh – It is Wednesday check in and I haven’t written a word since Saturday. The plot obviously is still cooking.

I turn on the computer and do nothing but surf the internet riding the waves of nothing ness.

I’m here because I promised I would check in as I’m supposed to. Well here I am and all I can say is Meh –

The Dog:

Our thirteen year old dog, Julie is not doing so well these days. We hate to think of what might be coming next for her. We love her so much. She is the best four footed friend and family member we have ever had. Her life of Busy Bones and people food for dinner has been pretty enjoyable for her. She knows she is loved.

Her problem is not just her age, but age related problems. She has lumps. We have a lumpy doggy. The vet told us it is fat deposits but we are sure they are more than that. These lumps have been gradually growing on the insides of her thighs and her chest.

Just yesterday she began having trouble walking. It is so sad. There is not much we can do for her and hate to think of a possible alternative. We won’t go there yet. She is still eating and drinking with no problems. It is joint pain and trouble with her back legs. She is still getting around – slowly – and we are in denial. Our baby can’t be going downhill on us. I don’t want to think that way. Not yet.

I hope your writing is going better than mine is.


Happy Wednesday


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2 thoughts on “The Meh #ROW80 Check-in

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Julie, Linda. I’m very attached to my dog, too. He’s my fur-baby.

    You may not have written anything since Saturday, but you checked in! That’s something! I get the impression that the reason you’re surfing the Internet is because you’re looking for distraction from the reality that Julie has gotten old, is that right? Does writing not provide a distraction?


    1. Maybe my lack of distraction from my dog is the fact that in the fantasy I need to be working on has a dog in it that is similar in ways to Julie. I think I hate to think about how Aaron would feel if she were ever to lose her dog Keja.
      But you are right. Writing can be a distraction in itself.


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