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Editing Stick Figures and #ROW80 Check-In

Have you ever noticed that when summer months come along a lot of people seem to disappear for months on end?

I could easily be one of them.

During the summer I really have to work at making sure I post. There is so much going on around the home. Gardens to pick and weed (though much neglected). Peaches to pick. They are so small this year. Blue berries to pick (done that). I got to them before the birds did this year.

And, apple trees to move.

We still have not finished clearing the southern exposure of our hill. This needs to be done before the ground freezes. I think we may have two months left. We will be cutting it close but I’m sure we will get the trees moved in time.

Even when it comes to writing I tend to come close to my deadlines. Maybe because I don’t set them in stone. It is usually give or take a month.

When I said I would finish Road Salt by the first of the year, I came pretty darn close. Then when I said I would finish Along Came Neil by the Fourth of July, that was close too.

I had Road Salt published by New Years and Along Came Neil was out by the end of July. Not to shabby if I say so myself.

So what’s next?


ROW80 Check In:

My goal for this round is to finish up edits and revisions of my fantasy series. I just started working on Aaron & Keja. It will be getting lots of tweeks here and there.

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One can always tell when they are maturing as a writer when they take a look at early works and see the stick figures looking back at them from the pages of their manuscript. Don’t take this as a bad thing either. It just means that one is moving forward with their writing skills and now can see the difference.

Every new writer has skill weaknesses. It could be weak dialogue. Or it could be a plotting problem, weak character building, lack of description, or bad spelling and grammar.

When your skills grow and you take the time to look over your early works you can either let them horrify you and never write another word (EXCUSES are USELESS) or get to work and fix them. Make them better. Take that stick figure and turn it into a portrait and grow your skill.

I have a long term plan. Every year I plan on revisiting my earlier works and reread them to see if my skill sets have grown.

I can’t wait for the day when I can pick up my first work I ever published and find it is flawless. But I’m sure thanks to computer cursors like mine, that seem to mysteriously jump up and down the page, that may never happen.


How about you? What are your writing goals for this round?

Do you see stick figures in your early works?

Or do you have a laptop with a jumping cursors like mine?

I would love to hear from you.


Linda Nelson is a writer, blogger, daytime worker and student at Franklin Pierce University. Her studies are taking up a significant portion of her time while she finishes up her bachelor degree in Accounting for the intent of acquiring her Masters of Science in Accounting. She also has a diverse degree by the additional business courses added to her curriculum along with some Social Services classes. Linda is a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and Monadnock Writers Group. She is the author of Along Came Neil, a Young Adult Sweet-romance which is the last book in her Wings from Ashes trilogy released in 2013. Linda is working on other romances, but their release dates are still undetermined. Linda lives in Southern New Hampshire. You can reach Linda at her website

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