First batch of Writing Edits Done – Time to Clear some Trees #ROW80 Check In

For the past couple of weeks I worked almost nonstop on Along Came Neil and the re-edits of the rest of the Wings from Ashes series. Now that the edits are done, I’m taking a bit of a breather before starting up the edits once again.

I have two more works that I want to re-edit.

Aaron & Keja and Witch Book. Once these have been re-edited I will start working on the next book in the Orgarlan Saga.

It will be so nice to be back to writing fantasy.

First thing will be the plot outline. I write so much faster when I have one.

While I was writing Along Came Neil, I did use a small plot outline but not to the extent that I used while writing Witch Book.

Since I decided to take this break we have done some outside work.

We have a hill behind our house and this year we have decided to clear the trees on the South side. I want to make room for fruit trees.

We planted some apple trees about 2 years ago on the North side of the hill. They haven’t been doing well. So this fall we have decided to move them to a new location in hopes that they will do better.

If it works out we will be adding cherry trees and apricot trees to the mix. We already have a peach tree that gives us loads of peaches every year. The great part about clearing this hill is not only the fact that we can plant fruit trees, but we have tons of blueberry bushes up there that have not done well the past few years due to them being over grown with oak trees and such.

So that is what I worked on today.

No writing, but it was still a productive weekend.


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