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Today was my Monadnock Writers’ Group Meeting. I have missed several of the meetings this year along with these posts to go with them. But anyways, here goes… This post is full of great stuff!

Our speaker for this month was Lisa Luedeke. She is a Teen/YA Contemporary Writer like myself. Last August she published her first work, Smashed, with Simon & Schuster/Margaret K. McElderry Books. She was a former English teacher turned Professional Editor/Publisher for literacy imprints at Corwin. Her original dream was to be a writer.

Smashed is a stand-alone novel about addiction, secrets, lies and hope as a Teen Field Hockey star hooks up with a bad boy putting her hockey scholarship on the line. A must read for teens.

I would like to welcome Lisa to our writing world and may others look forward to reading her works as I do.


Last week was the NHRWA Chapter meeting in Bow, NH.

Our speaker was none other than Cathryn Parry. She talked to us about how important hooks are to our writing. She was very informative and named a good source book to look up about Hooks. It was Got High Concept by Lori Wilde. I quickly got my Kindle copy and found that she was right. It is full of all that hook information all us writers are looking for. Everything in this book touches on what she talked about during our meeting.

Unfortunately I didn’t take very good notes during this meeting. I was too busy listening to her. But that is okay. This source book took the place of my notes.


Future News:

I hear that the NHRWA chapter has successfully book Deb Dixon for a Workshop Weekend in NH next spring. I will keep you all updated. I hear that this event is something I really should be looking forward to. And after taking a quick peek at her site, I kind of can’t wait. They have booked so many great speakers so far this year and if they are getting so excited about this gal then it must be something really great.


ROW80 Update:

Last week I found my very first critique partner. Yea J

I added 1k words last weekend to Along Came Neil and so far, as of last night there was another 500 words done. I am now at the Burning down the House scene. I hope to make this scene funny and an ice breaker for the characters, not so much as a tragedy but more of an embarrassment than anything else.

So how are you doing with your writing this week? I would love to hear from you.

And don’t forget to check out the above mentioned books. I think you will really like them.


2 thoughts on “Writers’ Group Share

  1. Thanks for the links to the books, Linda. I would also love to plug into a local group, but find I’m not very good at keeping up with reviewing and critiquing *blush*.

    It sounds like you are coming along gangbusters with your writing. Keep it up, and have a great week!


    1. Elizabeth you are most welcome. I love sharing what I have learned. If only you could find a local group like our Monadnock Writers’ Group. They do not require reviewing or critiquing they meet to help inspire each other to write.
      In fact my NHRWA Chapter does not require us to review or critique either. Eveyone is on a different rung and a good group recognizes this.


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