Let them Burn the House Down #ROW80

What do you do when your characters start doing the same thing over and over again and your story starts to sound repetitious because your antagonist and heroine just don’t get it?

Put them in a room together and let them duke it out?

But if they keep fighting will they ever start to change?

I have been stuck with Along Came Neil for almost a month. I have had a hard time moving forward with the story. The girls from my RWA chapter said I am suffering from the Sagging Middle Syndrome.

So how do you get past this point?

I have yelled at the screen, “Somebody do something!”

The words on the screen just stared back at me.

But today on our way to our NHRWA meeting my friend Linda Kepner said, “When in doubt blow something up.”

They’re only teens…

What can teens blow up?

By George – How about the kitchen?

Teens who do not know how to cook in the kitchen equals – disaster…


Thanks for the idea Linda K… Now to get busy setting the kitchen on fire so Karla and Ashley can finally, maybe – stop fighting and get on with the story.

NHRWA Chapter Writing Challenge

Oh I have a request for anyone who might be interested in helping me out. We have a monthly writing challenge in our NHRWA Chapter. This month we are to have one chapter of the manuscript we are currently working on read and critiqued by someone who has not read any of our works. So if anyone is willing to read a quick chapter of my Teen Contemporary Romance give me a holler. It would be most appreciated. You can tell me how much you hate the story if you would like. I am game and I have tough skin and I’m ready to learn to write better.


Stop in and cheer on other ROWer’s and if they are having a sagging middle, end or beginning like myself tell them to burn down the  noun of their choice. Just like Mad Libs. I always loved Mad Libs when I was a kid.

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4 thoughts on “Let them Burn the House Down #ROW80

  1. Hi Linda! I’ll read a chapter for you. Just email it to laramcgill@gmail.com, and put the challenge in the subject line. I don’t tend to open something I don’t recognize just in case I pick up some nasty virus.

    (I know what you mean…I’m having trouble with my middle, too!)


  2. Great idea. I totally hear you with a sagging middle…that horrid moment when you stare at the screen and have no idea where to go next! Thank goodness for friends with suggestions!


  3. I was completely stuck getting a story going, until I dreamed that I was walking in a lovely cemetery with my lifelong friend and writing sounding-board, Eden Mabee, telling her that I couldn’t find the story in what I was writing. I had this Hamlet-related idea that just sat there, mute and lifeless.

    She turned to me, and said, “You know what you have to do. You have to burn down the Globe.”

    Cue a glimmer of an idea, of a little girl lost in time, then more, and more….and, in the climax, the Globe burns…..

    Good luck with your kitchen inferno….my middles always sag, and so I wander until some calamity strikes…..


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