If We Were Having Coffee – We would talk about the past year.

It’s been a while since I last posted. More like a month has passed since I wrote about the coming March for Science. How did that go anyway? I didn’t see any big bangs taking place. While they marched I planted two new trees. A Cherry and a Honeycrisp Apple after which I moved those Cherry bushes I had been meaning to move for the past four years. They are much happier for the move. The plum tree was relocated too.

Last year we had no blossoms on our peach tree. This year we have this:



Sorry, I haven’t been making my weekly posts. My schoolwork has kept me busy. I really dislike Microeconomics; it’s not my cup of tea. I would say that this has been my most difficult class to date. Half the questions on the quiz were not actually mentioned. You sort of need to feel your way to the correct answers even though it is a multiple choice quiz. The course is so difficult and the text we have been using is so dry, I went and purchased a different textbook in hopes that it would help me to better understand the information. If only I had thought about using a different textbook after taking the first quiz, my grade might be a bit higher.

Bitten with Binge Watching

image courtesy of Kooroshication via flickr.com

I broke down and checked out Vampire Diaries. I loved it so much that I had to watch the entire 8 season episodes in one month. I couldn’t stop watching. The show was emotionally intense. I needed that to help me understand the elements found in romance. I’ve since moved on to the spin-off series, The Originals, and I have discovered another short lived series by the same author, The Secret Circle.

Last month we joined Netflix. I’m surprised to see the changes that were made for the streaming service. I’ve found too many programs I want to watch. A co-worker introduced me to the OA and then I discovered Haven. I really enjoy the paranormal suspenseful mysterious romantic shows.

Maybe when I have my 2 week school break in September I will be able to tackle one of my abandoned/neglected manuscripts.

School has been going great even though struggling with Microeconomics. The environmental studies are interesting. I’m working on a research paper covering the Edward MacDowell Lake in Peterborough, NH. Maybe someday I will use this lake as a setting for a story.

Surprisingly, I have finished my first year of college. This term will end on May 13 and I will be well on my way with my second year of school. The extra two terms I take in the summer shortens the time it will take to finish my Bachelor degree. It has been busy and leaves me without much time for family, fun, writing, or those hobby activities like crocheting, quilting, and knitting.

The new Grandbaby is 7 months old. She is so adorable. Meanwhile, Jasmine is going to be 7 years old. I told my daughter she is catching up to me in age.



Ava, 7 months old dressed for Easter




Jasmine in the Pink straw hat with her friend.




If We Were Having Coffee – #WeekendCoffeeShare

ଓଡ଼ିଆ: କଳା କଫି
ଓଡ଼ିଆ: କଳା କଫି (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m well overdue for a monthly coffee share. I have so much to share. So much has happened since we last sat down together. Where do I begin?

Back in April, I returned to work after being in the unemployment line for 8 weeks. That vacation set me back financially. I won’t be taking any long vacations for a while. The whole incident left me in a bad sort of way. I couldn’t write, not one single word. I was probably having a bout of depression for having spent those last 9+ years of my life working for a company that came up with a silly reason to let me go.

It wasn’t because I was a poor worker. I had excellent attendance, a hard worker, even met quotas that were unreasonable high. They were stressing everyone out with continually reminding us that there was another layoff cut coming down the line. The reason they gave me for letting me go was – wait for it – my age – pff! They couldn’t come up with anything better than that. Ugh! Who ever heard of such a thing? Isn’t that discriminatory? I thought they couldn’t use age for determining whether to keep a person as a worker.

Then they called me back – But this time as a temp. I had no choice, it was either take the job or lose the unemployment benefits. So, of course, I said okay. It is bad enough to return to your previous employer 8 weeks later as a temp, losing 9+ years of employee benefits – 4 weeks vacation – as of this past week, they have once again changed the playing field. Now they no longer pay temp employees holiday pay.

I agree, it is time for a career change. This leads to my latest endeavor.

I returned to school! 35 years later, but here I am, a 50+ college bound student. Now that I’m enrolled in school and working full-time as a temp, I have no time to write. What happens when you have no time to write?

That’s right, you want to write. I have thought of all sorts of stuff to write about while doing my homework. I’d have to tell my muse, “not now, I’m busy. Can’t you see, I’ve too much homework to do?”

How’s that coffee of yours, do you need a refill?

One of my courses is Career Image. I discovered that my best match career is writing. Go figure J

Now we are working on career goals, and I got thinking…

The goal for the rest of the year for writing: Blog once a week. That will take care of the muse and keep me in writing practice, and get these fingers exercising. I’m shooting for Sunday posts, which is my best day for getting things done unless my work schedule was to change suddenly. Who can say at this time?