Writing Road Salt: Like Pulling Teeth

What an analogy.

I guess that is what it has been like with getting this Work In Progress done this time around. Just like pulling teeth.

Oh no!

Last night I had a dreaded molar break on me while I was eating supper. Now I have to make a trip to the dentist tomorrow to see if there is anything they will be able to do for it besides pull it.

The original filling is still in the tooth and I’m sure that it may have been one of the reasons that the tooth cracked in the first place. My filling is one of those silver fillings. I hear that most dentists try to avoid using the old style silver fillings because they do just that. The can cause the tooth to crack over time.

It is bugging me too. Not that it is hurting. It is just annoying to feel part of the tooth jagged and almost broken down to the gum line. I don’t want to wait too long; I have a fear of getting an infection in it.

It bugged me so much last night that I did not write nor did I play World of Warcraft. Instead my tongue kept me busy as it constantly rubbed against the jagged edge.

At first I thought it was the molar next to my wisdom teeth, but it wasn’t. It was the one in front of that one.

ROW80 Check In:

This week I added another 1k words to Road Salt this week, now at 16k words. I am slowly getting this done, but it has been hard. Teen drama is not one of my most favorite genres to write. I am doing this because I was asked┬áto by my son’s rehab counselor. Plus years ago I promised my readers that there was going to be another book to go with Friends of Choice.

In general, I have found drug addiction a hard topic to write about but yet it affects so many lives in our world, not just our country.

Some countries are having serious issues with Bath Salt usage. The United States has gone about banning the substance from being sold on store shelves in most states. But the problem still exists. The product can still be found at online sites around the world.

So hopefully I will be able to educate the public about Bath Salts when I am done.

Guess I had better get to work and get writing so I can get this done.

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