Bridging a Gap in Employment Skills

Over six month ago I faced a life-changing event called unemployment. It was a terrible dilemma to face after working for the same company for almost ten years. The longer a person is employed by a corporation, the more they begin to focus on the little benefits they can take advantage of that is there for those who are dedicated to their work. But when that moment comes along and yanks those sought after benefits away, you begin to ask why?

Why did I stay so long if this was going to happen to me?

Did I just waste ten years of my life for nothing?

Image courtesy of creative commons license By: Eli ChristmanCC BY 2.0 via

I hate being pessimistic. I’m optimistic. So I took full advantage of the unemployment services and paid attention to those we were to report to once a month for that monthly meeting. When the employment counselor said that I had become unemployable, that hurt. I had all that experience and nothing to show for any of it. Were all those core competencies I had learned been in vain?

Apparently, I had obtained more skills than I knew. This I learned when I went back to school and was questioned what I wanted to do with my life. Here I am, six months later reflecting on what I have learned from my Career and Image class.

All those years, as George Martin quoted to Jon Snow, “You know nothing,” I learned that I know more than I thought I knew. All those things I took for granted as skills that everyone must have, but don’t.

My unemployment experience has made me make the decision to bridge the gap in my employment skills. This gap wasn’t as wide as I once thought it to be. My journey in education is exciting, more so than I had ever dreamed of it to be. I may not have the time I once had to do all the things I want to do, but this will change. I only need to give up about six years of my life to dedication to my education.

In the meantime, I can’t cut off my writing career. There appears to be a bridge between having enough time and no time. How odd.

The more time I had on my hands, the less I wanted to write. The less time available, the more I am dying to put words to white screen.

Journeys are nothing more than wandering paths of crossing rivers, streams, and mountaintops. I recently crossed that bridge and now I hope my path will lead me to the peak of Mount Works of Satisfaction. It will be a long hike to the top, but I know I can make it all the way with determination and discipline, and any encouragement I find along the way.