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    Someone Once…

    Someone Once Said A road can lead to nowhere when you believe you are lost. Nowhere can be anywhere just stop at no cost. Turn around and see where your path may lead. That path to nowhere always knows the way back home. Advertisements

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    Green of Spring

      by Linda Nelson © April 2016 When green arrives in spring time Mine Trees burst their canopy forth in fury Worry Not for storms to cloud the sky Why Flowers open buds of glorious color Taller In open fields of green.

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    Congregation of Flakes

    // Congregation of Flakes by Linda Nelson Blowing on the wind Adrift falling in the sky Floating endlessly to the ground An upsweeping wind Captures the drifting flake Pulling it up higher To fall once again Through tree tops Past bird nests empty for the winter Bumping against dried brown leaves With arches and points One last gust of wind Blows the floating, drifting flake Against a boulder covered In the fellow congregation of flakes