Today is Overdose Awarness Day

This is such a sad thing to have to talk about. I know I’ve had my share of experience with drug addiction via my son. It is such a shame to watch a loved one throw their life away over some petty substance. It doesn’t even make them a better person, actually it does the opposite. It creates a monster.

Some people don’t understand addiction. They think that the person can mearly stop using and things will get better for them. That is easier said than done.

The worst part of addiction is the fact that they have lost every ounce of will power they ever had. It is stripped away more and more each time they use. That which is taken away in a matter of days or hours of use will take years and years to restore.

It is crippling. They eventually lose everything they ever held dear to them. Even loved ones.

Did you know that when a person has been clean for just 28 days they are at the highest risk for a drug overdose?

This is caused by their tolerance level to the substance that begins to lower and they have not yet made the connection. So they go on to use, thinking they should be taking the same dosage they were using before they stopped. They do this not knowing that their bodies can no longer handle this amount of the substance. Most will overdose and many of those will die.

So when you pop that ibuprophen today for that headache, take the time to think about what it must be like for an addict. The pain they go through while they withdraw from their substance. I hear it is worse than a migraine. It makes their whole body hurt.

Fortunately I have not had to witness an overdose. I hope I never have to. But I am worried. My son is about to enter a rehab once again. This time it is one of those 28 day programs, and knowing what I know now about how dangerous these 28 day programs are, it kind of scares me.

If only there were more programs out there, and they were all on the same page, with longer terms to keep our loved ones clean.

They are right to say that drug addiction has become a national health problem.

ROW 80 Check-In:

Last week I finished up the edits to Aaron & Keja, which is the first book in my fantasy series, Orgarlan Saga. This week I will begin the edits on Witch Book. That is the second book in the series. After which I should be able to begin my plotting of the next book in the series.

My goal is to some how get all the characters from both of the books into the next book. Will I succeed? I don’t know. But I will sure as hell try.

First week of Edits continues #ROW80 Check-In

It’s Sunday already?

I feel like I missed the weekend somehow. If this keeps up I just might miss Christmas too.


I like Christmas. It has always been one of my favorite holidays and not because I get presents. I’m the giver. I have always loved to find a way, somehow, to surprise my family members with the gifts that I find for them.

I’m also the one who tends to the Christmas stockings, decorates the tree, and dismantles the tree when the holiday is over.

This year we went out and cut our own tree down, a first for me. We did get a really nice tree, one of the nicest trees I have ever had. It is almost 7 feet tall and is wide and full at the bottom. And, we bought it local.

I’ll show you our tree later on this week when I dig out the camera. I tried taking a photo with my cellphone but it doesn’t do the tree justice. So, you’ll all have to wait…

We had our first measurable snowfall yesterday into this morning. I think we had an inch of snow before it turned to freezing rain.

Today it warmed up and all the snow is gone. We will be seeing 50’s for the rest of the week.

NaNo Update:

No, of course I did not make my word count goal for NaNo. I didn’t really try this year. But I did finish the first draft of Road Salt and I am happy with the way the ending came out. It is a little dark and dreary, not like a romance is supposed to be but this is not really a romance even if it does have some romance elements built in to it. This is a story about drug addiction and the downward spiral associated with it.

So far I do not feel it is an entertaining read either. I have a lot of detail that needs to be hashed out during the edit process.

Which leads me to the next topic…

ROW80 Update:

I did make some progress this week. I began the first edit of Road Salt. Two, almost three chapters are done with 1k words added to the wip.

I think I am writing slower due to the more serious nature of the story. I want to get it right and make sure the story line is as credible as possible.

Drug addiction is a serious matter unto its self.

I did something else this week too and I will let you know how it goes. I signed up for an online workshop for YA authors. The topic is about criminal behavior in teens. Hopefully this two week workshop gives me some great tips on completing Road Salt. I have never taken an online course before.


Check the linky for other ROWers and cheer them on too with their works in progress —à
ROW80 Linky List


Oh, and for those of you who are curious about Road Salt you can take a free view of the first draft. It can be found here on –à
Road Salt – first draft in eBook format of your choice. No I have not uploaded the edits yet. I may do this after the first or second edit. I’m not sure yet.

But if you want to comment on the story you can send them to my email address:

I would love any critic help I can get for this serious YA story, it would be most appreciated. I used to use autonomy but there was too much spam on the site with everyone saying read mine, no read mine and so on. I mean I don’t mind critiquing on someone else’s wip but when they begin begging you to read and star their work and then threaten you if you don’t change something in your own to their liking I have to draw the line.

Isn’t critiquing about giving someone suggestions on how to do it better?

I had one person do that to me too. He said if I didn’t change the way I wrote a certain line right away he was going to give me a one star review. I don’t think that is what critiquing is all about. You don’t threaten a person. That’s not how you make friends. Needless to say I refused to change the sentence to his wording and he did give me the one star. It was all uncalled for.

So I don’t visit Authonomy anymore. Bullying does not work for me.