If we were having coffee, I would tell you… School is almost done!

photography of people graduating
Photo by Emily Ranquist on Pexels.com

That’s right. I just entered my last Undergraduate class. I will have one month off during July, and then I will finish off my Bachelor Degree and at the same time, begin my Graduate classes. I expect to finish the Bachelor Degree this coming October 2019. Three years ago, I could barely imagine getting this far with my education. College was only a pipe dream up until 2016 when I began poking around on the Franklin Pierce University website. I thought it was only a dream.

A student advisor from Franklin Pierce immediately called me and began asking me questions, and I responded by telling her that I had been out of school since ’83. That was when she said to me that it didn’t matter all I needed to do was send her a copy of my high school transcript, which she then told me how to go about doing that.

Filling out the Financial Aid form was not that hard. I already was used to doing my own income taxes every year and found the form pretty self-explanatory.

I wasn’t all sure as to what I wanted to study in the beginning. I thought that social studies would help me with character building as a writer, so I took a handful of those courses which I added business studies to. Then a job opportunity happened for me at work. Once again, I changed my education course. Since then, I have been focusing on accounting and Financing.


What will I do next when school is over?


I will go back to writing. There are several works that I need to finish up writing the first drafts. I think I will shoot for the goal of finishing the first draft once a month and sitting on that draft while working on the next draft. When I have three drafts done, I would like to cycle back to that first of the drafts and go through the 2nd draft of that story and cycle through those for up to about 3 drafts each. When I finish the 3rd draft of the first work, I will need to begin working on a new first draft. It is all about trying to remain productive and keep the creative wheel turning.


Writers need to keep goals. If they don’t, they become complacent. I want to be a spontaneous writer.


Who knows, maybe I will finish the first draft during July while I wait for that next class to start.


What are your plans for the summer? Do you have writing goals? I would love to hear about them.


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