March for Science on April 22nd, Earth Day Movement on Washington

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March for Science – What is the Matter?


I’m not going to go marching anywhere at the moment, but I will voice an opinion on the matter.

The plan that is going forward at this time is a massive march on Washington D.C. on April 22 which is Earth Day to bring awareness to the changes under consideration on Capitol Hill where science is concerned. Some feel that a march like the one for women’s rights that took place on January 21, 2017, will make the scientific community appear as spoiled brats complaining that they no longer have any funding for their research. (FLEUR)

I have to agree with Robert Young. He said in his article, “A Scientists’ March on Washington Is a Bad Idea,” scientists would be better off marching themselves into schools, libraries, and such to teach the public about the matters of science that the public does not know. Educate the public instead of wasting time by marching on Congress. Science and politics don’t mix. Everyone has their agenda some of which is the opposite of science. The last time Robert Young brought up the fact about climate change in a political atmosphere he and his colleagues faced slander by those whose interest which was hurt by such knowledge, such as the real-estate market. (YOUNG)

Yes, there is talk about cuts under consideration to the National Park Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, and NOAA. Maybe funding can be found elsewhere by making the public aware of these agency’s needs. After all, do people know who is responsible for warning the public about tornadoes?

Maybe the suppression of information, the so-called gag orders are frightening the public. Then add the claim of the news media passing on the fake news makes many citizens want to scream about the outrageous allegations against reporting facts.

Another thought –

Could political policies be a wake-up call for the public? If NOAA does not warn about tornadoes and Hurricanes, thousands of people could die. Could political strategy involve population control?

Think about the Healthcare plan Washington almost passed the other day and the items slated for removal from being covered by Health Insurance including Medicare and Medicaid. The policy appears pointed in the direction of reducing the population of our country.

What do you think?

I will plant a tree instead of marching on April 22 to do my part in fighting climate change.


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