What’s Wrong With Now?

Everyone likes now, right?

Instant gratification. We all want this, every

one of us. Win the lottery and instantly become a millionaire. Everyone’s dream.

What is wrong with now?

When I was growing up, we worked for what we wanted. We waited and saved our pennies until we could afford that car or shoes we dreamed of buying. Today’s generation is different. They must fear missing an opportunity whatever that might be.

They have to party hard, now, or miss the opportunity to make themselves look foolish and feel sick in the morning.

They have to get high now or miss their chance to feel wasted. – Waste of money, not time.

They need to spend all their money as soon as they have it in hand.

When they were told to live in the now, I don’t think this is what was meant.

Image courtesy of creative commons license By: Iain WatsonCC BY 2.0via flickr.com

Living in the now means to stop and live in the now. What?

Stop what you are doing right now and listen very closely. Identify every sound around you. Focus on that sound. This could be the wind blowing outside, the rain hitting your tin roof, a dog barking off in the distance, or songbirds tweeting at your birdfeeder.

When you do this, it’s a form of living in the now. You will notice negative emotions and anxiety are calmed. Worries are lessened. The longer you stay in the now, the better you will feel. This is sort of like giving your emotions a reboot like you would if you were having trouble with your computer and restarted it to solve the problem.

Living in the now is not what the millenniums think it means. They should have been told to stop and meditate in the now to find peace and comfort from their daily lives.



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