Can One Pick a Degree at 50+ – #UndergraduateAdult

Did you go off to college after graduating from high school?

Most times, if you are going to continue with your education, you enter college right away. What about those who had to put off their higher education for various reasons? Do they stand a chance at their degree years later? Or, is it a lost cause?

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Maturity Happens

High school graduates think mostly about finding a mate to pass their time away. They have their lives ahead of them, and they’re in no rush to get on with living a professional life. Once they enter college, it marks their freedom from the parental rule. It is party time, with boys and girls, social life is more important to them at this stage in life vs. that educational path to Professionalism.

Their studies suffer if they can’t give their full attention to the class work, causing many to drop out of school after their first year.

At 50+ years, life has already happened for us. Most of us now have grandchildren, while our own children should be graduating from college. We are more focused on what we want in life as we come closer to our retirement age. And yes, we have bucket lists.

What is on your bucket list?

College is one of the top items on my list. It has been for many years. I feel focused on where I want to go with my life. What I want to do and how I want to do it.

I was going to stop at an Associate degree when I first decided to go back to school last month. Now I think I want that bachelor degree after all. So what if I have 15 more years until I am at retirement age. For all I know, the government may raise the retirement age before I reach 65. I’d have to work longer in life after all, why not make a career change that would see me through the rest of my life.

I believe I will pick Bachelor of Science – Integrated Studies. Then I will be able to pick and choose what I want to learn. Whether it be Human Resources, management, accounting. Maybe a little of everything.

My Answer

Yes, you can pick a degree at 50+. You have your whole life ahead of you. One never knows when they are going to die, just make the best of things while you can. Take care of yourself, you’ve made it this far. Maybe you will be around for another 50 years anyway.


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