Here Comes The Zombie Apocalypse

English: Total Lunar eclipse 15 June 2011 in i...
English: Total Lunar eclipse 15 June 2011 in its total stage as seen from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

via ‘Blood Moon’ seen as sign of end times by some Mormons.

What do you get when there is a Blood Moon during a Lunar Eclipse? I’ve seen something about the end is drawing near, for some Mormon. It seems that they are getting a bit frantic with their sermons thinking that the apocalypse is upon us. I think they have gotten the end mixed up with a Walking Dead episode.

I don’t foresee an ending coming any time soon to our world. In fact, I think things are just getting started. What more can you ask for than Pope Francis speaking to Congress about his world views.¬†Will they really listen? Boehner must have heard something in the Pope’s speech to make him step down earlier than he had planned. So who is really running the world or the country? Is it Congress or Pope Francis?

I would love to see the people take back their country for once. Other than that, we may see a zombie apocalypse coming soon. That’s when everyone has to work two jobs just to make ends meet. Then everyone is running around looking like they just walked off the Walking Dead set.

The floods in Utah probably didn’t help. It probably set the stage for their thinking the end was drawing near. Especially when so many people lost their lives in that flood.

Pope Francis will be ending his papal visit on that day too. Oh no! He’ll leave and our DNA will change during the eclipse and we’ll all turn, one right after the other.

So if this is the end? When the next Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse comes around, will that be the ending of the end?


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