Pet Foods are Becoming Dangerous to Feed to Our Loved Ones

I’m an animal lover. Our home is blessed with two dogs, one cat and a flock of laying hens. We, not just the pets, are firm believers in table scraps for pets.
I’m not one for eating leftovers. Except for the special occasion of either pizza or Chinese food. I can eat the Chinese food cold, but the pizza has to be warmed up a bit to soften the cheese.
We don’t feed our dogs, or our cat can food. Do you know what goes into this stuff? Maybe the cat food is a bit safer if it is of the fish variety, but should he snub his nose at it, he’s done so for a good reason.
The dog food has gotten scary. Too many recalls have happened over the past ten years. The recalls aren’t all for canned food either. When dry food is recalled, there’s a problem. Many pets died a few years ago when food companies in China were using a product in the food that was banned in the United States. How these products were able to make it on the shelf in the first place with the added ingredient is beyond my understanding. Many pets died because of this food.
When something like this happens to human/people food, you better believe, the recall is quick. And if health problems related to the recall happen, the food company reimburses the individual promptly and adequately. This doesn’t happen where pets are concerned. Feed this food to your pets at yours and their own risks.

Have you ever taken a good look at what the canned dog food looks like? The stuff is nasty. You can see chunks of stuff in it that isn’t recognizable. Was that a piece of an intestine? I’m not sure. I wouldn’t eat that. How could you feed it to your loved one, your pet? They are part of your family too, aren’t they?
Recently a woman posted a picture of kibble she served to her dog. It had what she thought were strings coming out of the dry food kibble. Upon closer inspection, she found this to be not string but wires. Since when do we need to wire our pets? I wonder why Fido recently died in his sleep? Had he been suffering from a severe case of indigestion?
When did the pet food industry decide they needed to kill off their best customers? How is that good for business? It just doesn’t make sense.

We feed our pets table scraps. Even when the vet says not to. If I eat it and it is good for me, then it has to be good for my pet. Except for those items that my pet is allergic to, like chocolate, avocados, grapes, and such. I tell my dogs they will break out in hives and get horrible bumps on their faces. They pout but accept the fact that these foods look delicious, but it’s just something we can’t share with them.
Our table scrap ratio is: older dog is 100 pounds there for she gets the equal portion to a five-year-old child. That’s not very much. Our other dog is no more than 25 pounds. She gets a portion equal to that of a one-year-old child. That’s even less, but enough to be equal to that of a meal.
We feed dry kibble on the side. – I know, yes. But I do look at it and make sure there are no foreign objects hiding within. This is their free for all food. They can eat as much as they like. Usually, they snack on it over the course of the day and wait for supper every night.
Hot days they’ve been getting to share a dish of vanilla ice cream. They love their ice cream. Other days their snack is popcorn. Don’t forget the seasoning, with olive oil and salt. They like it fixed the way you eat it.
We used to heat up our pets table scraps. Recently our little dog decided she would only eat cold food. That’s fine, it’s summer time anyway. She may change her mind when the cold weather comes rolling in, within the next few months.

Our pets are our family and we will always treat them as such. What we eat, they eat, because we love them so.


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