Returning to the Keyboard – #ROW80 Check-in

It’s been a while since I last checked in. I’ve been on the mend. An up and coming, now past, hysterectomy took me away from the keyboard for a few weeks. Between fretting about the up and coming surgery and dealing with being uncomfortable after having the old-fashioned surgery, I’m back.

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Slowly, I’m increasing my sitting time at the keyboard. In the middle of the afternoon, I still have the urge to nap. I know I have every reason to give in to this urge, and I do. It’s all part of my healing process.
I think I may have lost five pounds or more with this surgery. I had an awful case of fibroids. The doc who did the operation was so excited by her findings. I guess I had enough lumps to put me in the non-cancerous category. Supposedly the more lumps your uterus has, the less chance for cancer to be found. Now, that’s a real good thing to hear from your doc.
Today I opened up two different files. One was for a secret story I’m working on for another pen name. The other file was for a story I started about three years ago. That story has been at the 17k mark for years. Maybe it is the time I finished it.
I’m looking at another 5 to 7 weeks out of work because of the surgery. I can only hope to make some serious progress on some works sitting in my slush pile. All they need is a bit of brainstorming and some TLC. Hopefully, I can turn out more than one story this year.
I did 333 words on one work in progress and then another 400 words on the other one. I have about 5 works in progress sitting in that sludge pile. It would be nice if I could finish all of them, just for giggles.


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