When Your Kids Start Catching Up to You

Age-Old Questions

“Age is just a number,” says the well-worn adage. But is it a number you care about, or one you tend (or try) to ignore?


(This prompt was inspired by a suggestion from ripplesnreflectiontimes)


I remember when my kids were young. It doesn’t seem that long ago, when they were 4 and 6 years old. Both were and still are cute and adorable, (sometimes).

This coming month, August, they will be turning 25 and 27. How time flies?

Life didn’t turnout the way I had imagined for them, but it didn’t turnout the way I had imagined for myself either. Both are still trying to discover the direction they are heading in, my daughter with my granddaughter in toe.

It took me until I turned 45 to discover my own direction that was nagging at me over the years. That was to start writing. I had wanted to write stories way back when I was in High School, but I had no one to encourage me. Both my parents said, “Really?”, when I had announced to them that I wanted to be a writer after graduating high school. They didn’t understand how anyone would want to spend their time writing stories.

When I published my first book, Friends of Choice, my mom didn’t know what to say. My dad was no longer living in our world, he had deceased 10 years prior.

Now, 5 novels later, I have continued to grow my desire to write. I’m here for the long haul. At first it was all about just getting that next story written. Now, after learning about the craft of writing, it is all about how do I add excitement into my story lines, no matter whether it is Contemporary or Fantasy. The story now has to have an element of romance and that highly sought after happy ending.

The girls in my Romance chapter have taught me that life is full of disappointments. We’ve all seen enough for more than a lifetime. Everyday people have had their share of disappointments too. This is why it is so important to end the story on a happily ever after note.

Will I continue to write a series after finishing up my Orgarlan Saga?

I’m not too sure. It will all depend on the story line. But every character, good or bad/ good or evil, deserves a happy ending. Don’t you think so?


ROW80 Check In:

I’m back. It seems that I have snuck away from the keyboard for the past few months. Really, I’ve been here the whole time letting my writing well fill back up. There is a big story brewing, or two, maybe three if I save that one for NaNo.

When I come across a prompt of some sort, now I am taking the time to makeup some sort of blurb for it and saving it in a file for later use. That is how the one that I have been working on came to be.

I can’t tell you much about it, except it might not be out until next year sometime.

Oh, and I have begun working on the next Orgarlan book.

Just taking it slow and carefully carving out the story outline. I can’t really write by the pants anymore. I have to have some sort of timeline so I know the order of what is to come for my characters. They have to have definite goals in mind or the story won’t go anywhere. Which is why I’m having a little bit of trouble with Sleeping on the Beach. I will get that one figured out in the near future. It just needs a timeline with goals.

It is what I did for Witch Book, Road Salt, and Along Came Neil. Timelines help me write faster.

Oh – and my typing word count average is 1000 words per hour. Not too shabby – in my opinion.

How’s your stories going? What are you working on? Care to give yourself a shameless blurb about your future story?

Do you write by your pants or are you a plotter like me?

Have you noticed your typing skills increasing since you began writing?

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2 thoughts on “When Your Kids Start Catching Up to You

  1. First of all, I am so proud of you for announcing your intentions to be a writer when you were so young. Knowing what the response of my mother would be, I never told anyone that I wanted to write. When I got my first publishing contract, it was way more nerve-racking telling my mom than it had been signing on the dotted line.

    It also sounds like you are moving forward with your goals. I can’t say the same for mine, but where I live our summer is way too short, and I can’t spend anymore time on the keyboard than I have to. (And it is no where’s near 1000 words an hours.)


  2. Progress on goals!! Yay! And new stories are even better. New story ideas help motivate me to finish the ones I’m already working on.

    I’m an in between pantser and planner. =P 1000 words an hour is fantastic!!


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