My Snow dog enters her 14th year – #ROW80 Check – in

Our pup Julie is going on 14 years this coming year. The stairs are beginning to bother her along with the cold, but she keeps on going.

She loves the snow.

Isn’t it odd how black dogs love snow, and white dogs love mud? Have you ever noticed this?

When it snows, even though it is cold out, and the cold hurts her joints, Julie still insists having a delightful romp in a snow drift – but mind the ice – she does not enjoy doing four legged splits.

She will sorely be missed when her times comes. Julie is the best pup I have ever known. Such a trooper, especially with other animals, even our flock of laying hens and the two cats, whom she allows to rule the house. I couldn’t ask for a better dog.


I managed to write a couple thousand words this past weekend. I worked on the next book of my Orgarlan Saga and even that buried wip that I was thinking about ditching. It is turning out to be one of those stories that just won’t go away. No matter how many times I bury it or how deep of a hole I put it in, it just keeps resurfacing.

Yesterday I spent the day with my son, watching the first season of The Game of Thrones. I kept saying – they can do that? Maybe that crappy wip isn’t that terrible after all. – Yup – I did enjoy The Game of Thrones – to the extent that I will need to buy the set and read it on my kindle.

Saturday was supposed to be our NH RWA meeting. It didn’t happen. We woke to find our roads a sheet of ice. People were skating up the road – actually they were coming half way up our road and turning around, they couldn’t get their cars up the slight slope past our house.

The whole state had problems with icy roads and our meeting was cancelled.

Hopefully the weather cooperates for next weekend since Saturday is our Monadnock Writers Group.

How about you? How’s your wip going for you?

Watch any decent movies lately?

Do you have any pets that you are fond of?

I’d love to hear all about them.


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