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Something About an Indie Author

There is something about being an Indie Author that makes that writer much different from other writers. No, it does not mean that they are better. They are – maybe more Geeky. Oh, that’s got to be it.

Indie authors thrive by the internet because that is where it all begins for them.

First off they started scouring the internet in search of how to publish. Frankly there isn’t much out there as to how to write a query letter – what to say in it. When one does find this information, the writer has already finished writing their first draft and possibly has even edited it.

Then they read how long and how many times they may have to keep on submitting their finished product before anyone takes notice. By then, the writer has started the publishing process on their own.

The other thing that makes Independent Authors Geeky – We love the internet. That’s right. We have slowly begun building our own online communities and support groups.

I think I have met more Indie Authors online than I have by going to local writing groups. Don’t get me wrong, I love my local writing groups, but the online groups are more computer – internet literate. They are also up to date on the latest online and eBook happenings. The ways of the future.

You have to be savvy in this way if you are going to learn how to do all the work yourself. I’ve  found this to be immensely satisfying in the end when you can say that you actually made the whole entire book on your own. The cover design – you chose – the file formatting, and the type of interior paper you like. I always chose cream over white. To me it makes the print easier on the eyes.

Over the years,  you begin to know who the Indie Authors are. They are the same ones you see over and over again. Theirs are the blog posts that are getting the most attention. These blog posts are more than a marketing ploy to find a new set of eyes to read their works. Blog posts are an ongoing tool that they begin to use with more frequency.

Blogs can map the writing journey for the Indie Author. They can go back to any given date and review how their posts have changed over time. Eventually, frequency of posting no longer is an issue for them. It has become a way of life.

So, I must declare, even though it is hard work – I love being an Indie Author.


Linda is a student at Franklin Pierce University studying Business Management and works a full-time day job. She not only blogs when she has time, but she writes Young Adult Contemporary and Romance. Fantasy too. Since 2013, she has been a member of RWA and has published six books since 2010. One of which is a short story collection. In her spare time, which seems to be a rarity, she likes to knit, crochet, quilt, and sometimes garden, and find a chance to play with her pooches, Keelaa and Julie.

3 thoughts on “Something About an Indie Author

  1. See, I’m a hybrid… I am doing my serial Indie, but I’m also traditionally published. And I LOVE the internet and my online network, but the OTHER technical stuff scares the crap out of me. I learn slowly and hesitantly. Part of my hesitancy is that I am just not a detail person normally. I like someone helping me out. But there is definitely a thrill to the indie thing (and I DO love serials)


  2. The nice thing about the internet age is even if you are not a writer who hangs out in real-world groups, you can connect with other writers and potential readers. Or maybe that’s the bad thing.


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