Preserving Peaches and #ROW80 Check In

Oh here comes another long weekend. Let’s see how much work I can get done. I don’t think I have actually taken time off this summer to relax and play.

Last weekend I was busy making peach preserves. They came out yummy. This was a neat way to use up those peaches I still had hanging around in my freezer from last year. The new crop of peaches was ready and we needed the room in the freezer for those, especially since I had to pick the whole tree. They were ready. That was 13 gallons of peaches frozen for this year.

I use these peaches throughout the year to make peach coffee cake. It is one of my specialties.

This weekend I will be trying to come up with my own recipe for Peach Jelly. I have about half a gallon of peach juice left over from last weekend, so I’m going to give it a shot. I’ll let you know how I make out. If it works then it may follow with my own personal recipe.

I haven’t even played my well-loved game of World of Warcraft in weeks. I’ve been so busy giving my slush pile of works a once over /make over, if possible.

Which leads me to my Check in…


ROW80 Check In:

So far I have improved Friends of Choice, Road Salt, and Aaron & Keja. Next up will be Witch Book. I will begin tackling this book in the coming days. Once that is done I can hit the keyboard running. Maybe –

I will still need to write a plot outline. Plots are so important to writing fantasy. I also want to try and merge the two previous books together. Have all the characters meet up somehow or someway. I’m not sure how it will happen or why. But as they say – It’s in the cards.

Then I have to decide what the title will be. Should it be Dragon Claw? Or, how about Ky’ debaul and the Beast Master? Or, maybe Cat & the Phoenix?

I don’t know… I may have to write part of the plot outline before I can actually pick a title.

All I know is that it will be the third book in my Orgarlan Series.

Will there be any romance?

I’m not sure – maybe – since I’m supposed to be learning to write romances – right? So I’m guessing someone needs to fall in love with someone.

That also means that there has to be a strong ending to the story and it has to be happy.

I was going to make this be a six book series, but now I’m not sure if I will be able to keep the story going if I give it a happy ending. I mean, happy ending and all – who wants to ruin that?


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