When the Kids Grow Up

As a mom it is hard to let loose the strings that bind the child.

Now I have to go through the empty nest syndrome all over again. After a year of having his presence in our home, my son is finally moving out. He is growing up.

Don’t get me wrong, it is about time that he grows up and has a life of his own. He is 26 years old and should have been on his own a long time ago.

I may or may not miss having him around.

What this will mean:

No longer will we have to leave the light on for him at night.

No longer will we have to set a plate of food aside for him.

The candy stash will last much longer.


I get my old office back!


No longer will I feel like Harry Potter sitting in the closet under the stairs. I can move out of the tiny room and into something much roomier. I can even move my sewing machine back up stairs. Maybe I will even make another quilt. I haven’t made one in over a year.

My daughter left home five years ago. It has been that long? Wow…

My granddaughter will be three years old in May. How time flies…

I wish my son well and may he and his girlfriend build a great life together.

ROW80 Update:

This week I have not really done much writing on Along Came Neil. The story has kind of stalled. Not to worry though. It is probably in the plot cooking stage once again.

I have opened the file several times this week only to wander off and surf the internet without looking for anything in particular.

I will be patient with myself and the next sub-plot will come to me. I am almost at my halfway point and Maggie just dumped her lunch all over Karla. Karla has been sent to the nurse’s office to try and get cleaned up while Maggie is off to the principal’s office. I have not yet decided what to do about these two characters, since they keep fighting with each other, only thing is Maggie keeps starting all the fights.

I do think that Neil is about to ditch Ashley. I’m not sure how much he can take of her and her ways of always having everything be about her and only her. But that’s where I am at with this story.

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5 thoughts on “When the Kids Grow Up

  1. Sometimes when things stall they can be working away in your subconscious. I get quite a few ideas when washing up (doing dishes) or doing something equally untaxing mentally. So I’m sure that subplot will materialise when you are doing something completely different!


    1. I usually have a plot materialise when I am at work at a point where I am unable to write it down. Instead I am forced to try and commit the idea to memory so I can come back to it when I get home from work. Most times this works but other times the ideas become lost.


  2. Last week was the one year anniversary of my son’s departure (at age 26) from the homestead. I was more than happy to see him go, but I am just first this week going to start turning his room into a guest room. Ha! Then he won’t be able to return! (I continue to giggle evilly.)


    1. My son grew up living with his dad and he had a tough time growing up because of it, always in trouble with the law. Now after spending one year in a rehab and one year living at home with us he has found his freedom from his past mistakes. Now that he can get on with his life I have to trust that he will remain out of trouble and will have learned what he needed to learn to stay on the straight and narrow path of life.

      But if he was to come back home – he’s getting the Harry Potter closet under the stairs because next time I’m not giving up my office space. (It’s mine – all mine)


  3. My boys are still wee ones compared to your kids. They aren’t even in school yet. But the thought of them leaving makes my heart ache. I won’t lie, though, the thought of finally getting a good nights sleep makes me super excited! LOL

    Yay for getting your office back. It sounds like your (YA?) book is moving along, even if it has hit a few bumps.


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