Sunday #ROW80 Check-In

Last week at this time, we were having one of those nuance snow storms that we do tend to get every once in a while here in New Hampshire. It took time out from writing to make my snow man. Sadly this week he has come under the weather – so to speak and has taken to lying down on the fence railing. His nose and mouth fell off. I think the dog is much sadder about this than I was. She seemed to think it was her new buddy. She will probably feel otherwise when she finds his Twizzler mouth and carrot nose in the snow as a token of his past comradeship they had in the driveway.

Last week I was trying to make a record word count that just didn’t happen for me. I wasn’t surprised. But it was fun trying.

My goal had been to get as close to 50k as I could before March 1st. That was the deadline for the NHRWA Query Quandary Contest. Needless to say, I didn’t make it. There is always next year.

My next goal and I think there is a good chance I may make it, is to have Along Came Neil done in 30 days. That would be the first draft, of course. My record stands at 60 days from when I wrote Witch Book.

I do know a lot does have to do with pre-writing. I have to agree with Heather on that. But I am also a plotter. I have to have a strong plot to write fast.

With Witch Book I had a pretty good plot outline to follow. I had used a deck of tarot cards to create the plot for that story and to me it was a wow moment. Having the plot pretty much well defined I was able to get from point A to point B pretty quickly.

Along Came Neil is sort of like that. There is one difference.

I really enjoy writing fantasy. I can get so involved in the world I create that I can get lost in the story I am writing.

Teen Contemporary is different, especially Romance. I have to really think before I begin to write or I will be going back in time to when I was in school. That would make it a historical instead of a Contemporary. I don’t want a historical at least not at this moment.

Since last Sunday I have added close to 4k words. I think this is pretty good progress and I’m not done yet for the day.

90 minute writing sprints do work pretty well too. Writing this post is part of my break from my 90 minute sprint. Next I will check my email, Facebook and Twitter and then hit the coffee pot once more and start the next sprint.

Hope the rest of you have good progress too. If not, remember tomorrow is always another day.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Whoa, how many 90 minute sprints do you do in a day? I know you said you didn’t make your goal of 50k but I bet you got some high numbers. And I love the snowman and your dog!


    1. Amy,
      I almost always do my best word counts on the weekends. I usually start no later than 10 am and I keep the sprints up until 3 pm. I try to treat my writing like I would if I was working at my regular job. I just get to take my breaks when I want and go where I want.

      Last Sunday I was able to add 5k to the wip.

      I hadn’t made a snowman in sometime. I couldn’t help but take advantage of the sticky snow. I’m glad you liked him and my dog Julie. She thought the snowman smelled pretty yummy. I don’t know if she ever found his mouth when it fell off this week after we had a bit of a melting spell.


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