#NHRWA Query Quandary Contest and #ROW80 Check in


The deadline for the 3rd annual NHRWA Query Quandary Contest is coming up fast and they are still open for submissions.

I haven’t been in RWA for very long and I’m still trying to put a romance manuscript together at this time. I personally will be passing on the contest this year since I would rather have a finished manuscript to shop than something that has less than 10k words written.

But if anyone else is interested here is the link for you so you can enter this fun contest. http://www.nhrwa.com/contest.html

And the really fun thing about it is that you don’t have to be a RWA member to enter this contest. It is open to anyone who has a query they are thinking about sending out for a Romance novel they have written.

Believe me, if Along Came Neil was done or ¾ of the way done then I would be hopping on and joining this contest.

From what I hear, the queries will be judged and critiqued by editors of several different publishing houses.

Just follow the instructions and maybe your query will be the next winner.


ROW80 Check In:

This week I am taking part in a pre-writing workshop that was offered by YARWA. It is how to research what you need to know about your story before you begin writing it and it also includes writing time management.

I’m into day three now and there has been a lot of great information. Hopefully by this weekend I will be ready to do some serious writing. I mean really serious writing…

I can already see a difference in the way my plot outline is coming together just by the little bit I have put together from the first day of the class.

My word count is now over 7k in fewer than two weeks. To me that is not half bad since Road Salt took me almost six months to write. I really struggled with that story even after having a plot outline all drawn up.

So since Sunday I have written another 1k words which is not half bad since I really haven’t been making a big effort to work on it. I’ve been too busy reading the workshop notes and making my own notes and *sigh* playing video games.

Yup- I confess… It’s video game week.

One has to set time aside to play too.

My big word count days are Saturdays and Sundays anyways.


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