Keeping the Hands upon the Keyboard #ROW80

As you can see, this month I am shooting for writing discipline. This is something hard to come by for me. Though I have been doing good so far. This past week I have avoided playing my Wonderful World of Warcraft. I know that if I just open up the game it will be all over for me and nothing will ever get done. So here I am trying to write every day.

This past week I missed my check in for ROW80. I will try not to let this happen anymore, since I will be joining RWA in the coming week.

I went to my second chapter meeting yesterday and you can see I am hook line and sunk.

So I am piling up the challenges for this month. First off I have ROW80, and then I have NaNo looming up ahead next month. I want to finish the first draft of Road Salt by the end of this month and then I will be happy to let it set for a month before I begin the edits. It’s got to have its down time before I begin with the edits, allowing the plots and characters to mingle in my head.

The other challenge I have for this month is BICHOKWED. That stands for (Butt in chair, hands on keyboard, write every day), and this is for the RWA chapter challenge. Talk about added accountabilityJ.

To report my progress for the week I was able to add 3k words to Road Salt this week.

Then the other day I got the prompt from Create Space to check out a new feature they are going to be offering for those who wish to publish from print to Kindle. I didn’t try it out since the manuscript is not complete, but what I did do, which I have done with Witch Book back when I was half way done with the manuscript was to begin the print formatting of the book. I also played with the file format on Create Space for giggles.

Here is the cover design I have at this time. It will be subject to change since I do not think I will be actually using this stock photo on the cover. I like to go and get my own off of Big Stock Photo dot com. But I do think I like the style of the overall cover for this book.

So bare with me, this is what I have come up with:
ß This is a cover made using the Create Space Cover Creator

Remember the cover photo will be changing to go with the Road trip that these kids are on. This is my incentive to get my fingers going and get this done. Oh and notice I came up with a subtitle for the series of books: Wings from Ashes. I got this idea from the theme of the Phoenix Bird that the Phoenix House Rehab uses for its logo. It stands for the individuals arising anew from the ashes of their burnt out life. Because I will be joining RWA, I will need to write some romances so what better series to do this with than the rest of Wings from Ashes. I will commit to four more books in this series devoted to the characters in the first two books. Life as an addict can find recovery which does lead to happy endings. That is all I will give for spoilers for the series.

Okay, that’s it for now…. back to work I go…


Looking for other ROW80 participants? Click the Linky Tool Link… well the link is not working at this time so you can find us on Facebook or twitter, using the hashtag #ROW80


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