Survived the Root Canal

I did it… I survived my root canal.

I never did like dentists, but I am happy to report, the root canal was done last Friday. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought it was going to be.

The endodontist said that I had really hard teeth with four nerves and one really curved canal. It was so curved that he broke off a piece of his file way down deep inside my root and wasn’t able to get it out.

He told me that this would not be a problem and not to be concerned. He was able to get enough of the rubber material around the file piece to protect the root from infections setting in.

The root canal procedure was not very painful, just the initial jab of the needle of Novocain. I should say three jabs of Novocain to kill all the pain. He made sure I was pain free by putting a cold instrument against the tooth to make sure it was very numb.

Needless to say, when the procedure was done and I was on my way home, the mouth was not working properly.

Four hours later the Novocain wore off and I had a partially ground down tooth with a substance on top of it resembling a small white band aid.

All weekend I had to make sure that I did not eat anything on that side of my mouth. I had to do this to keep from biting down on the tooth and possibly splitting it in two.

Monday it was off to the regular dentist.

She made me a temporary crown for the tooth. This too was pain free. But why wouldn’t it be? There are no nerves left in my tooth.

The permanent crown will be in place just before Thanksgiving.

So that was my weekend.

Now for ROW80 Check-In:

I did not make my intended word count. The tooth proved to be too distracting.

What I did accomplish was about 2k or 3k words for the whole entire weekend. I guess that was better than no word count at all.

I was stuck on a scene, but thanks to our speaker at my writers’ group meeting this weekend I was able to push through the scene.

Hope the rest of you are having good progress with your work in progress. See you all next round.

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2 thoughts on “Survived the Root Canal

  1. Wow, this was helpful. The dentist told me two months ago that I will probably need a root canal and to call him when the pain got too bad. I thought, thanks a lot, doc, can’t you fix it now without a root canal. Just do something so I don’t have to have a root canal. I’ve always said I would never get a root canal!

    Hmm? I suppose I may have to give him a call sooner than later.


    1. It really wasn’t that bad. It was kind of like getting a great big filling. Just make sure you get lots of novocaine. My doc gave me three shots of novocaine before he began doing any work on the tooth. He said that by putting cold on the tooth he would know if the area was numb enough to begin…

      I was also told that as long as the tooth was sensitve to cold then it was still a healthy tooth.
      Anyways, I am glad I got that part done and over with.


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