My Week as an Unshelled Nut

This is my week of birthdays.

My son’s is today, he turned 25. My daughter’s is on Wednesday, she will be 23.

Happy Birthday to the two of them J

Our plans for the week were slightly changed when we received the news on Friday that the Jaffrey fireworks were being cancelled for the year due to a bomb threat. A friend recently told me that the event may still happen this year, I kind of hope so, we really enjoy going to the show every year even if it is kind of costly.

The plan was to celebrate our son’s 25th birthday while we were at the fireworks. I mean, what a better time than that for a milestone birthday?

Instead we had a very quiet birthday for him at home with a Dark Chocolate Fudge cake with Chocolate fudge frosting. It was a good way to sweeten up the day.

We really still need to make our yearly visit to see our daughter. But with the rising cost of gas I’m not sure if we are going to be able to make it this year. She is a five hour drive away, that being one way. We usually make the trip up and back in one day.

We will see. It would be nice to see my two year old granddaughter. They grow up so fast…

Now for ROW80 Check in:

I managed to write a whooping total of 1k words this week.

It was going good when I started recording my daily activities. Then I stopped doing that and the writing went downhill from there.

Then the other day I began playing with this WordPress blog. I think I wasted two days on it while trying to figure out the site. Hopefully I have a handle on it now.

I will once again attempt to keep track of my daily activities to see if my writing habits change. But, I have to finish making my Bread and Butter pickles.

Oh, and yesterday I spent it making a batch of Spaghetti sauce from the tomatoes in our garden. I just love bumper crops, don’t you?
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8 thoughts on “My Week as an Unshelled Nut

  1. I don’t know if Kait will back this, but as a sponsor am I allowed to say we’ll forgive low word count if you send us some of that homemade spaghetti and those pickles???

    LOL. Your birthday celebrations sound wonderful. I’m glad you got some time away for the family. I wish my parents were closer around my birthday to go out with family.

    Good luck with the writing this week! Hope you also get some time to get back in the writing groove!


  2. Thanks Jess.
    LOL… I dont’ think the sauce and the pickles would make the trip through the mail very well.

    The time away with family is nice. Though my son spent most of his time with his friends this weekend. I guess that is how they get when they are around that age. Surprisingly he still lives at home, I am sure that will be changing someday.

    My low word count has begun to climb once again. Today I added another 1k to Road Salt.

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great week too!


  3. Heh, I’ve been dealing with tomato glut lately too! (Check my blog for ideas what to do with them. *g*) I think during harvest time, writers with gardens have a good excuse to write less than normal.

    Good luck on getting back into the routine and finding some balance!


  4. Ruth, you have some pretty good garden harvest ideas on your blog. I planted jalapenoes once a few years ago. We didn’t do much with them. I wish I knew how to make those yummy jalapeno poppers with the cream cheese stuffing. I tried to make them once and the batter just slid right off the skin of the pepper. Which meant, there were no poppers that night with our dinner. 😦

    I think I’m ready to push full swing on this manuscript. I think I was mostly stumbling on a scene I was trying to write. Got that one done last night.


  5. What a celebratory week! And you made writerly progress in spite of those tomatoes! I think being accountable to ROW80 makes a difference in thinking about the progress we make as writers. I also keep a daily log. Before I begin writing, I just open up a file (for example “August Daily work), and write a short daily entry about what I want to do, where I’m stuck, unanswered questions. I put in a chart to track total words and a place for monthly goals. At the end of the month, I review. Some months this little daily log grows to many pages because when I’m done writing, I’ll do a little research to answer those unanswered questions. I hope you find this idea helpful because it sounds like you want to record daily work. I learned that every month a day or two will mean no writing at all, but the Daily Work file keeps me coming back! May your coming week go well.


  6. It sounds like life has been treating you well. Childrens’ birthdays, extra tomatoes from your garden, working on making your blog shine. Don’t let a slow week on words get you down… there’s plenty of time to catch up. Enjoy the fun parts of life while they’re there!


    1. Mike, thanks for stopping by.
      Your right, I need to get some fun in, summer is almost over and winter will be here soon. There will be plenty of time to catch up then. Some of my best writing has taken place during the winter months.


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