Today I bought my domain mapping for this word press blog and now I am trying it out to see if it really works.

This could be very interesting.

If this does work then great I won’t have to really change anything about the way I blog using Word Press. How cool could that be?

Today was supposed to be the annual Jaffrey Fireworks.

We were going to go to them and meet our son there with a birthday cake for him to share with his friends. But on Friday we got word that the town officials had cancelled the event due to a bomb threat.

Why is there so many crazy mixed up fools running around in our world who feel that they need to ruin the fun for everyone.

I hope they catch the dude.

This is going to have a big impact on all the area towns, especially the town of Jaffrey.

Every year the town receives about 70% of the proceeds from the fireworks celebration. That comes out to be around a thirty dollar profit from each car load of people entering the Jaffrey airport. The area business will also feel the impact all the way down the chain ending with the Boy Scouts who sell parking spaces to the public.

That’s my rant for the night…

My son had a quiet 25th birthday this year.

Maybe they will be able to hold the fireworks next year. Hopefully they had not permanently canceled the event.


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