The Books

Linda’s Wings From Ashes series mentions character struggles with drug addiction, relationships, and high school sweethearts. Along Came Neil is a teen sweet-romance that provides closure for Karla.

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Current Works in Progress:

Lemons, Dilemmas, and Oh Baby

Story Blurb: Emma Clayton wants a husband because she is pregnant, but she faces giving up on marriage and her child after losing her job. Noah is the baby’s father; he had plans to propose to Emma until he had his accident. While he is hospitalized, he learns that his girlfriend is pregnant and is considering options for the child’s future that does not include him. Can he stop her in time before she makes a huge mistake?

Caller Unknown

Story blurb: From the Cyber Love Date Line: Allison tries to pretend to be someone else, but her plan backfires when she sends a photo of herself to the wrong listing. He happens to know who she is regardless of her incognito disguise, he’d know that body anywhere. Darrell can play her game too. He calls her number and pretends to be someone else. What will she do when she learns who her caller is?